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Material world and evils which prevent us from Reaching God

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source: Soceity of Saints by Sant baba Jagjit Singh Ji

The material world and evils which prevent us from Reaching Vahiguroo.

To obtain that satchit anand swaroop Vahiguroo, one should always follow and practice his naam according to what has been explained by Mahapurshs. On reciting naam one obtains brahmgian and becomes free of the cycle of birth and death. There is no end to the material illusion, the oceans water, and in the same way the experience of Mahapurshs. By following teachings of Mahapursh they put you onto reciting naam, and then one can obtain a level where they become one with Vahiguroo. In this way while reiciting his naam, one doesn’t come to know his end. Instead they become one with him. That is the reason why man has come to this earth. There are many ways that mahapursh can choose to meet that God. Within Gurmat the correct is through “Gurmat Gadina” which was started by Guru Nanak and passed on by kalgidhar patshah, the tenth Guru. Those Gurmukhs who follow those rules of that path, with the grace of God they obtain happiness while still on this world.

The happiness which one gets from one’s own spirit cannot be compared to any material gain of his world. The comfort of these material elements last only moment and do not compare to Atma Anand which is gained by obtaining Waheguru. The world is full of happiness obtained from falsity while brahmanand is free of such things. The entire world is involved in vishyanand , happiness from evil things, but those who are servants of God are involved in Brahmanand. They are Brahmgyani and have anand of his bhajan. Only when all the evils within are dead only then one obtains Brahmanand. Vishayanand can be compared to water in a cup which evaporates and disappears. Bhajanand can be compared to those rivers which flow only during rainy season. When it rains those rivers fill but when it stops they dry again. With Bhajanand, when one keeps reciting naam then during that time he is content and within Anand. For the time when he is concentrating on the tenth gate his mind is under control, but as soon as he stops concentrating he starts having his previous feelings and wishes. Brahmanand is like the ocean which remains serious and those obtain it also become the same. They are not affected by anything.

The five evil points are ego, anger, greed, lust and attachment. To get rid of ego, one has to take up politeness; To get rid of anger, take up forgiveness; To get rid of Greed, take up contentment, to get rid of lust once should contemplate on the composition of the human body and conclude it is an impure form composted of the elements. By thinking in such manner one conquers over physical attraction one feels. In the same way attachment, which is love for the material world and relatives, is a false relation we develop. To overcome all these and be saved from them one has to take up true love of the Guru.

The one who yearns to meet God, they become pale in color, and they sight in vain and form their eyes tears always flow. They eat little, remain silent, and cannot sleep. They anticipate that moment when they will meet God. If they find they are not reaching their goal they become distraught and contemplate whey they are failing.

These are the distinct characteristics of those who want to meet God. Those Gurmukhs who fall in love with Waheguru only have that one wish to meet with him. They cannot wait to experience the flood of love from God, and with determination they persist with reciting simran. They break their love with and don’t believe in false consolation of this world. They only walk on the path towards Vahiguroo. Such are those Gurmukhs. If Satguru does kirpa, only then that person start reciting his Naam. While reciting naam those Gurmukhs obtain a very high and pure level.

Shalok page- 1201- Sarang, Fourth Mehl: O my mind, meditate on the fearless lord, who is true, true forever true. He is free of vengeance, the image of the undying, beyond birth, self-existent. O my mind, meditate night and day on the formless, self sustaining lord. ||1 || Pause || For the blessed vision of the lord’ darshan, for the blessed vision of the lord’s darshan, then thirty-three million god,s and million of siddhas, celibates and yogis make their pilgrimages to sacred shrines and rivers, and go on fasts. The service of the humble person is approved, unto whom the lord of the world shows his mercy. ||1|| They alone are the Good saints of the lord, the best and most exalted devotee’s, who are pleasing to their lord. Those who have my lord and master on their side- O Nanak, the lord saves their honor ||2 || || 4|| || 11||

Kalgidhar patshah had said that if one does jaap of the mool mantra 36 times, the Satguru does a great favor upon him. Anceint (puratan) mahapursh would do one lakh and 25 thousand recitations of japji sahib at least once through their life time. Some would put in efforts of reciting 24 per day, others would do 50, 75, 100 and few would do 125 a day, such that each completed and accumulated a total of 1 lakth and 25 thousand japji sahib paths. While reciting bani, light comes within one’s mind and then one becomes immerses in shabad by himself. Later one obtains God, the mater of the infinite point. In Guru Ghar instead of “tapasiya”, seva is asked for and in place of “pranayam” there is simran. Without seva one doesn’t get peace from Antish Karam(n).

Mann, Chit, Budh, Ahankar form Antishkaram, which make us do what we do each day. Mann makes “wishes”, chit does “remembering”, budh makes the “decisions” and ahankar which is “ego” makes others feel lower than one self. Without seva one doesn’t get the feeling of being the lowest of all, and cannot become pure. For this reason seva is necessary. Without the Katha of bani the means to devotion and bhagti are not know. In turn, without simran one cannot control his feeling and restlessness of mind.

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