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The Story of Mirza Jatt - Part 1 (The Beginning)

So this story starts during the times when a child was once born in the Clan of Kharral Jatts, in the region of Danabad, Distt. Nanakana Sahib, West of Punjab. This child was yet to become the greatest legend among the race of his people, we know by the name of Jatts. He was named Mirza Kharral and grew up to be popularly known as Mirza Jatt among his folks.

Now Mirza Jatt was no ordinary man. He had these extraordinary Archer Skills and a sharp ability to hit his targets once the arrow left the bow, drawn by Mirza.

Mirza Jatt is the symbol of Pride. A Maximum Pride, a Man of Power can have in his Abilities and Vision. And the words of Mirza Jatt started spreading when he made the following declaration:

"Meri Bakki Toon Daran Farishtey, Te Jatt toon Dare Khuda"

Which Literally meant-

"Angels Fear my Horse and God fears Me, The Jatt."

And these lines were not an exaggeration either. Mirza Jatt had no match when it came to his Power. Its said, the Only thing a Jatt Fears is another Jatt and it was true in case of Mirza. He was someone to be feared and no one is reported to have ever messed with him during the times I am refering now.

So it happened that just as the females of any tribe are drawn towards the Best of all Men of the group, Mirza Jatt became famous among the Jattis. And the most beautiful of them all, Sahiba Sial, he fell in love with. And it was no ordinary love. It was'nt the kind of love that people ordinarily do. And neither it was the kind of love they show you on stage dramas. It was the love that later became famous as Mirza-Sahiba Love Story. A Great Marasi named Peelu, wrote words and words of Pages to describe the love Mirza had for Sahiba and still he was not able to express it in exact words he actually wanted to.

Now when the fragrance of Mirza Sahiba's love spread, it became the talk of the town. Sahiba's Family, The Sial Jatts of Sial, came to know of this. Now they were no ordinary people either. They were the Rulers of Sial and their Ferocious Outlook and Actions were known to everyone. But fearing the Kharral Brothers in general and Mirza Kharral in particular, they always hesitated to even give it a thought in trying to break up Mirza Sahiba's relationship. Thus they started pressurizing Sahiba. They warned her of dire consequences if she didnt stop her love affair with Mirza. But Sahiba did not stop. She went ahead with her relationship with Mirza. And the time passed and the love among the two fragranced. Now, after trying many tactics, the Sial Jatts finally concluded that Mirza Sahiba's Affair was something more than a mere relation for them. It was a War of Anakh (Esteem) among the Clans of Kharrals and Sials. Thus Sial Brothers hatched a conspiracy. They secretly made a tie with Chandarh Jatts that they will marry Sahiba with a son of Chandarhs if they in return promise assistance to them against Kharral Brothers. Now though Chandarhs initially hesitated, being attracted Sahiba's beauty, the Son of Chandarhs finally gave the word of assistance. Sials had Sahiba forcebly locked in their house and secretly had her engaged with the Son of Chandarhs, named Tahar Chandarh.

Meanwhile, our Great Lord Mirza was unaware of what was going on at Sial. While he was waiting for Sahiba one day, Sahiba in the meantime was not allowed to leave her house. The Sials had a servant working in their home by the name of Kammu Brahmin. Kammu was aware and felt sad for Sahiba's situation on the way she was being forced to marry Tahar Chandarh, against her own wishes. Sahiba requested Kammu Brahmin to somehow inform Mirza about this conspiracy. Kammu Brahmin delivers the message to Mirza. The contemporary commentator on Mirza Jatt, Kuldip Manak, writes what the contents of Sahiba's message to Mirza are:

"Je Chandarh Sahiba nu, lee gae Doli de vich Paa Ke,

Hoju Mitti Kharrala di, Main taan Mar ju gi kuch Kha ke,

Vehra chadeya Tivi ne, fer naa akhi ve Sardara,

Raaton Raat Sialan chon, Lee Jaa Kad ke Jatti nu Yaara".

[*Translation into English*]

[if Chandarhs are able to force me into Marriage,

The entire Kharral Clan will get defamed and I will commit suicide,

I have warned you, dont complain later,

So just this night, get me out of Sial]

Mirza Jatt sends a response back to Sahiba, he will bring havoc on Sials if they forced her to marry Chandarhs.

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The Story of Mirza Jatt - Part 2 (The Decision)

Mirza Jatt sends a response back to Sahiba, he will bring havoc on Sials if they forced her to marry Chandarhs.

Now the time had come when Honor was at stake. Here, the Icon of Jatt Pride, Mirza Jatt, remembers humble Ranjha Jatt who, few centuries before him, had tried romanticism in the clan of Sials but had failed and had lost his love, Heer Sial. Mirza says:

"Main Majhiyan Te Nahi Chariyan,

Par Lei ke Jaani Heer,

Main Maan Kise da Todana,

Bhaven Chalan Lakhan Teer"

{Translation into English}

[i did not serve in the House of Sials as a servant (like Ranjha did for his Love) but I will get my Heer (referring to Sahiba), I will break the Pride of Sials, let the arrows shower, come what may.]

Mirza Jatt makes up his mind to get Sahiba out of Sial and bring her to Danabad. He first conveys his decision to Jatt Vanjhal, his elder brother. Jatt Vanjhal rejects the idea. Says Peelu:

"Chadhde Mirze Kharral Noon

Haye ve Vanjhal Denda Matt

Pat Raanan di dosti

Te Khuri Jinnan di matt

Has-Has Laundiyan jehdiyan

Te raukan te val dum"


[As Mirza decides to leave for Sial, Jatt Vanjhal gives him a piece of advice. "Let go the love of the woman" says Vanjhal, "Women know not the art of love and all you will get is deceit"]

But Mirza's decision is firm. He must leave for Sial as his love has called him for rescue.

Now Mirza's sister-in-law, his Bhabi comes for a talk. Says she:

"Jatt Chadhde Mirza Kharral Noon,

Waddi Bhabi dindi wann,

O Sahiba kehri Padmini,

O Vi Ranna Wargi Runn,

Tinu aap toon choti viah deaan,

Jatta roop Jatti da Dhan"


[To the departing Mirza, his elder Sister-in-Law gives him a piece of advice. She insists her younger sister is much more beautiful than Sahiba. "Sahiba", she says "Doesnt look like (the popular fairy of Punjabi Folklores) Padmini and is just another ordinary girl". She offers her younger sister's hand in marriage to Mirza].

But Mirza Jatt rejects this proposal too. He wants just and only Sahiba and nothing can change this Jatt's firm determination to get his love, out of Sial.

Now comes Mirza's younger sister, whom he loves dearly. His family knows he will listen to her requests on not going to Sial and change his mind. She begs Mirza that she had this bad dream last night that her brother is in deep trouble. She begs him not to go for Sahiba as the Sials are known to be ferocious and dangerous. But his determination was still firm. He listens not and says his final word - He will go to Sial, to rescue Sahiba.

And his family now understands there is no way they can convince him to stay. So Jatt Vanjhal, along with Mirza's brothers, now offer a word of assistance. They ask him to allow them to accompany him, should he happen to be in trouble, they will be there for him. But Mirza Jatt insists he is not going for a battle with Sials. He is rather going to get his love, Sahiba Jatti, out of her family's bondage and to free her and marry her in Danabad. Mirza's younger sister still begs and requests him not to leave but taking his horse, Bakki out, he jumps onto it, carries his bow, arrows, a sword and his Archer Equipment with him and off he leaves for Sial, leaving his younger sister crying for him, praying for his safety and his family anxiously looking for his return.

Now Mirza reaches Sial on his Bakki. He finds Sial Brothers busy in preparation of their sister's upcoming wedding. He chalks out a plan to somehow get Sahiba out and elope with her to Danabad.

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thats from www.jattworld.com, there supposed to be a part three however there isnt one, anyway heres a tribute :-

"Koi Mirza Jag te Nahi Jamna, Putt Jamde Rehnge Mavan Nu, Marda Hoea Mirza Bol pea"

(No Mirza will henceforth be born in this world though Sons will be born to Mothers, spoke the dying Mirza)

--- A stanza in Harbhazan Mann's "Mirza"

And such was legend called The Great Mirza Jatt. Here starts his story.

Mirza as an archer who fell in love with a girl called Sahiba, the daughter of Mahni. Now Mahni was a very tough ol daddy and had tougher four sons and theirs was a family of Lions, the pure Jatt blood you can think of. Now Mirza was not a Jackass either. After all he had the hot blood of the same race as that of Manhi and his sons. And so, as they say, Love is the game of bravehearts not jackals, thus started the Mirza Sahiba love story.

Now Mirza had a beautiful mare called Pakki which he used for travelling while on his way to meet Sahiba in the fields of Punjab. And love prospered and Sahiba used to meet Mirza by making sure her brothers and dad didnt come to know about

her love affair.

But, love and perfume are such that the more they become, the more fragrance they spread. And more the fragrance of love, more is the danger. And it did

happen that the word spread and Sahiba's family did come to know about her affair. Immediately, the father of her ordered that she be forced into an

arranged marriage. So a man called Tahar Khan was found by him with whom Sahiba was to be married. Now Sahiba was also a Jatti. She wouldnt just give it up so easily. Will she? She got one messenger and servant of hers called Kammu Brahmin to go to Mirza's village of Danabad and tell him about all this. She also told Kammu Brahmin to explain Mirza clearly that he aint no Jatt if she is forced into such a marriage.

Now folks, our bro Mirza was Real Tough and when he was provoked by Sahiba with such a taunt, he got his Pakki (remember his nice Pal female horse?) ready to get Sahiba out of the forced slavery that her brothers and father put on her.

Mirza's sister begged him "Brother dont go, I got a bad dream that if you go you wont come back but NO, do you think our Jatt bro was gonna give it up so easily? He listened to no one. His own brothers warned him not to mess up with Sahiba's brothers and also offerred him support if he wants them also to come with him but NO, said Mirza, that he was just going to get Sahiba out and not going for a


And so, the folklore tells us, Mirza got Sahiba out of her house and like a lightning strike, took his girl away. When Sahiba's brothers came to know about

all this, they were MAD at this. And believe me, they were REALLY M.A.D. And so was Sahiba's father. He ordered his Sons that they not his blood and he not

their father if Mirza was not found out "DEAD OR ALIVE". And thus raged like a hungry lion, all of Sahiba's brothers went on the Mirza Hunt.

Meanwhile, Mirza and Sahiba had not gone far away when they decided to take a rest. So Mirza tied his mare Pakki to a tree and went for a nap. Its here that all flowers starts happening. Somehow Sahiba's brothers are seen approaching them and Sahiba sees them at a safer distance. She looks at their horses approaching and tries to imagine the scene of fight that was about to take place. She fears

she would loose her brothers if she awakes Mirza now and tell him of the approaching danger because Mirza was great in archery. On the other hand if she

doesnt awake him, her brothers gonna kill Mirza. So she had to make a decision. Here, real devil strikes her and she is demonized into taking the side of her

brothers. She breaks Mirza's bow and arrows and later when her brothers arrive, she immediately awakes Mirza and runs away to her brother's side. But its too late and so Mirza is surrounded now. He sees his broken bow and arrows and immediately knows about the backstab that has happened. But still he doesnt give up. The fight starts and of course he looses but he himself does make a big impact on the enemy and gives her brothers a hard time. But, eventually existence wants Mirza no more. He is soon killed by Sahiba's brothers only to make an ever lasting impression on the minds of later generations and embrossing his name on the pages of folklores. Mirza Jatt dies and the land of Punjab proudly accepts this Great son of itself.

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