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Introducing www.punjabarchive.org : A unique archive of Punj

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How would you like to have access to almost 100 years of illustrated newspaper articles about Punjabis in the Press?

The United Kingdom Punjab Heritage Association’s new website http://www.punjabarchive.org brings you closer to that ultimate on-line reference source.

The new website has been described by BBC Television's South Asia Correspondent, Navdip Dhariwal as “a fascinating window into Punjab's history. . .  great journalism from the past coupled with innovative technology makes www.punjabarchive.org a fascinating, informative and fun experience "

This is the first step taken to create an electronic web-based archive highlighting the extensive body of material relating to the Punjab as reported in illustrated and non illustrated Victorian newspapers.

The material graphically illustrates the shared heritage and contribution of Punjabis in world history, especially in relation to the building of the British Empire in the second half of the 19th century.

Nearly all of the newspapers are profusely illustrated with evocative woodblock engravings and photographs, and cover a range of events and characters, many significant, some curious but nearly all little known.

Highlights of the important events between Punjabi Muslims, Hindus and Sikhs with the British include:

The land and people of the Punjab ruled by Maharaja Ranjit Singh The two Anglo-Sikh wars (1845-6, 1848-9) and subsequent annexation of the Punjab to British India in 1849 Maharaja Duleep Singh – the first Sikh known to have settled in England in 1854.

The Punjabi contribution to the development of the British Empire in military campaigns in Asia, Africa and Europe (1860s - 1900s) The largely unheralded role of Punjabis in World War I and II

The material represented in this website is from a private collection. We are grateful to the owner for their permission to access their valuable archive.


The UK Punjab Heritage Association (“UKPHAâ€) is a non-profit voluntary organisation based in Greater London. The Association was founded in 2001 to foster the appreciation of the Punjabi heritage in Britain and encourage the preservation of endangered items of the Punjabi material heritage.

If you have a query, require assistance with your own projects or would like to support us, please contact us on sicques@gmail.com

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