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hes got a brother called happy who lives in southall. i heard they raped a young sikh girl, then the family was after them for a while, that girl was jaspals student! sick. hes also a shargird of ustad mehndi hassan(ghazal singer) Happy is a tabla player in southall and Jaspal is his brother, Happy is married to a muslim women they are rawabi by caste. lot of people told me that in the indian music industry. Happy is a mona by the way and his phone number is on the jas musical web site as a tabla teacher. but he cons his students bribes them.. i.e wana be my student get me a dvd recorder. if his student stops learning he takes back the material from his student. stay away from them! just coz people do good kirtan dont make them sikh. sikhi de awasta is far away!

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Happy is indeed a chaar saw bee, a complete crook, a conman.

He may be a good tabla player but he is dark as a person.

Having, with others, tried to learn through him i have lost equipment and hundreds of pounds not to mention pride.

I could give many examples of his despicable behaviour. He has soured my vision of tabla as a beautiful instrument

If anyone wishes to learn the tabla, AVOID HAPPY (AMRITPAL SINGH) from Southall, London and get someone who will not cheat you and make you feel like shit.

Rant over


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