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meaning of Charhdi Kala

K Kaur

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Charhdi Kala signifies in the Sikh tradition a perennially blossoming, unwilting spirit, a perpetual state of certitude resting on the unwavering belief in Divine justice. The Kala of Sanskrit origin gives a dominant meaning which is ‘Energy’. Charhdi, in Punjabi means rising, ascending, soaring. So, Charhdi Kala would mean an intensely energized, ever–ascending state of the spirit of an individual or of a group. It is characterized by faith, confidence, cheerfulness, courage, fortitude, discipline and resolute willingness to uphold the cherished ideals and readiness to perform the assigned tasks even in the face of the most daunting challenge.

In Charhdi Kala there is confidence in the ultimate victory of Truth over falsehood and of Good over evil. Abiding Cheerfulness is its hallmark -

"Nanak Naam Charhdi Kala,

Tere Bhane Sarbatt da Bhalaa".

Courage is that state or quality of mind and spirit which enables one to face dangers with self-possession and resolution. Discipline resulting from training that leads to controlled behavior, mentally and morally, is also an essential constituent of Charhdi Kala. Perpetual readiness to act is another - he pursues the ideals he cherishes, makes no noise over a good deed, and proceeds to another. Kala also means "fine art", so actions in Charhdi Kala become characterized by elegance and gracefulness. It also means playing a winning "Game" according to the accepted rules of the game.

To sum up , Charhdi Kala is not just high morale, but also unwavering faith in divine support, certainty of moral victory and sublimity of action. Even in the most adverse of circumstances, its constancy does not wane.


source: Sikh.net

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