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Sikh code of conduct

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I just want to know more what are the things which are not allowe in sikhism

I Know basics about hair so don't mention it

I come to know that u can pierce a body part to wear jewelry such as earrings?

U can't go out with opposite sex for datings etc

Sikhism dont allowed to dye her/his hair

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Tobacco and smoking anything is forbidden, eating halal meet, taking another mans woman, hurting inocent ppl. thats pretty much what there is a census on, then just depends on what maryada u follow. Guru Granth is a path to enlightenment, rtather than a set of rules. its important not to get caught up in minor issues.

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Four Bajar Kurehits should not be done

1) Hukka( all types of drugs :charas , ganja , tobacco , smoke , liquour , etc.)

Haram( having relationship with another woman without ur wife)



par triya roop na pekhe netar ( don't look at women , girls or opposite sex )

akhin sootak vekhna par dhan par triya roop

karan na sune kaahoo ki ninda

theres much more, which i dunno and can't think of any becus of my tuch buddhi

i will tell you a very easy way

read carefully sukhmani sahib and asa di var , every code of conduct is right there , no need to ask any body .

furthermore go to www.gurmatveechar.com and listen to katha of muktnama , sukhmani sahib , asa di vaar by giani thakur singh ji , if u reallly wanna know abt code of conduct .

also try katha of rehitnama by bhai hardeep singh . thats all u need .

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