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Need Help against Police on UK Traffic Law


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I was driving home late last night and turned right at a T-junction where the lights were 100% amber...NOT RED.

As I'm driving down there's a car drivin pretty close behind me - blue lights start flashing and it turns out to be an unmarked police car.

I sat in the back and the driver told me I had jumped a red light. Confusion hit me coz I thought it was amber. He said no, and that it's on their camera thing in the car. I asked to see, he said no coz it's on continuous record. I apologised if I went through a red light, but it wasn't intentional and to the best of my knowledge it was amber. The guy wasn't having it and said that I could have caused an accident etc and therefore he was gonna give me a fixed penalty notice + 3 points....OR I could go to court to object.

I asked to see the video in a few days - he said no.

I asked whether my solicitor would have access to the video should the case go to court - he said no.

When I got the ticket I gave him a piece of my mind - i.e. I am a law-abiding citizen of good character with no previous criminal record; and it would have been much more appropriate to have given me a "slap on the wrist". We had a little argument - I told him he shud be chasing thieves. He said he wanted to but had to spend too much time dealin with ppl like me :!: His colleague told me to get out of the car and leave.

I'm cheesed off. Told my dad abt it and he said it's up to me whether I take this matter further.

I'm adamant that I went through an Amber light, as is my mate, so I'm seriously considering taking this to court. I'm not too sure why I wasn't allowed to see the video either!

Just wanna know from any UK ppl whether or not they've been through summat similar and what advice they've got.

The Beast is not happy.

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heres my two pence worth.

a mate of mine was in the same situation as you but it was an ambulance who claimed he had footage of my mate passing red, i was also in the car and was postive he went through amber, anyway at the next set of traffic lights the guy driving the ambulance said to my mate you went through red you'll be getting done for that, my mate carried on telling the bloke he was wrong and the ambulance driver goes well you can contest it in court. Till this day nothing has happened that was 2years ago.

its upto you how sure you are your in the rite!

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2 vs 2 actually!

Also, without video evidence they don't have a case because they weren't driving behind me when I crossed the lights. They approached from a different direction so couldn't see what colour the lights were when I passed through.

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I'd fight it, but find out how much court cost is going to be, you time off work/school..etc and if you lose what is the amount of fine you will have to pay. I'd take that and weight it againt what you have to pay right now.

I think you have a good chance of winning this because like u say you have no previous record. I am assuming that include no Tickets whatsoever. If so then i think its better than 50/50.

best of luck :)

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