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A Sikh can be seen from a crowd....


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You know what, ive been doing some more thinking about this quote.

On the day of Vaisakhi the Khalsa Panth was born. Guru Ji called all Sikhs to Keshgarh Sahib and told all Sikhs to come with their Hair uncut. A Beautiful tent was set up. All Sikhs were waiting for Guru Gobind Singh Ji to come out. Finally Guru Ji came out, his eyes were shining like fire, his face was glowing with a celestral bliss, his naked sword was glittering in his uplifed right hand and his body was looking like that of a great warrior, who had just rushed into the battle field.

In stead of sitting on the throne, brandishing his sword high in the air, he said with a thundering voice, "This goddess, Bhaguti is always hungry for the heads, today she wants the heads of my dear Sikhs. Is there any one among my Sikhs who is ready to lay down his life at a call from me?"

On hearing this call from their Guru, a dead silence prevailed all over the Darbar. None dared to face the Guru, all were seeing towards each other, err the Guru might not read their faces.

The Guru called forth again, but there was no response. then the voice of Guru, grew more terrible and he angrily asked asked for the third time.

At last a Sikh rose up and said, "O true lord! My head is always at your service, pardon me true Guru, I have wavered a bit. I would be very happy if this my worthless head could taste the eternal bliss of your Bhagauti." The name of this Sikh was Bhai Daya Ram, a resident of Lahore.

A Sikh could be seen from a crowd of millions. Guru Gobind Singh Ji made the Sikhs be seen from a crowd of millions, this is Sikhi Roop for me. This is my interpretation.

In case you didnt understand, Bhai Daya Ram was the first of the Guru's Sikh to been seen from a crowd of millions, not really because of the way he looked but because he stood up.

Im sorry if my interpretation upsetted anyone.


Dr. Ajit Singh Aulakh M.A. Ph.D. Illustrated Life Stories of Guru Sahibs'

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