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one tablet after japji sahib...

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gurmukh pyare jio

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh!

are you a medical doctor? if yes, how do you prescribe medicine to your


is this how you do it? "take one tablet three times a day after/before


i read about a sikh doctor who calls his patients 'waheguru ji', and

his prescription is,

"take one tablet after your morning nitname but before your breakfast,


in the afternoon having read 1 paath of japji sahib, and one tablet in


evening after your sodar rehraas and after your food".

he also has print outs of short readable articles from sikh related

yahoogroups lying around in his waiting room.

patients are free to pick up one and read, or take it home.

so inspiring, is it not? just think through and see how you can

incorporate this idea in your own working situation.

guru raakhaa.

source: mail from jasminder.

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