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Mantra & thought !

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Mantra and Thought

A Mantra is different from a thought in the following respects.

A Thought is a vibration that comes from the lower plane of nature ... But

A Mantra is a vibration that comes from the higher plane of nature.

A Thought has always a meaning ... Whereas

A Mantra, although it has a meaning, it is rarely uniform. It has a force, and

the meaning of the Mantra is revealed to the person who has received it through

revelation, which comes at a higher level of realization.

A Thought is a reflection of turbulence in the lower nature ... But

A Mantra -- when it becomes natural -- is a reflection of the psychic state.

A Thought always has a direction, a dimension, a depth. All or any of these

properties must be found in a thought ... But

A Mantra has nothing of the above. It is only a rhythm and always withers

away automatically the moment the psychic state of awareness is active.

A Mantra necessarily turns into a desire when it acquires the properties of

direction, dimension and depth ... But

A Mantra never becomes a desire. On the other hand it neutralises the desire

formation process.

A Thought generally originates from the lower mental, lower vital or higher vital

planes ... But

A Mantra has no such origin and its sole purpose is to activise the psychic

being. A Mantra is given by the spiritual master or may descend automatically

when the seeker reaches a high state of psychic awareness.

A Thought attracts other thoughts ... But

A Mantra never attracts other Mantras.

A Thought has no sound aspect. It has only the meaning aspect ... Whereas

A Mantra has no meaning aspect. It has only the sound aspect.

Thoughts make us restless ... But

A Mantra makes us calm.

A Thought automatically dies when it has become a desire ... But

A Mantra automatically merges into the consciousness when the psychic state is


A Thought clouds the soul ... Whereas

A Mantra awakens the soul.

A Thought comes automatically ... But

A Mantra is invoked and it may come automatically only when the psychic state

has become more or less permanent.

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