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Dear all, I think this artical is worth reading it is a true story. It was sent to my e-mail address. I think it is a serious topic.


I am a 25 year old Punjabi women; I would like to share important and devastating experiences of my life with my young sisters. All I hope is that my sisters don’t make the same mistakes as me and my friends. I was brought up in a fairly religious family, my brother kept a turban. I went out with a few Punjabi boys when I was in school, but they where all the same all they used to do was chat about cars, drink at lunchtime and get BULLIED by the PAKIZ. All my other friends used to go out with pakiz and they used to tell me film stuff how Abdul beat up this boy, he took me there, here and so on ……. All my boyfriend did was get his turban knocked off walked me home in different directions to avoid his enemies. So I got bored and dumped him. When I went college I was introduced by my friend to a boy called sheraz khan. At first he was a girls dream come true nice, polite, and respectful any girl would have fell in love with him. I started missing lessons and used to go to the park with him and his friends. I started smoking and drinking as he used to buy it for me. I lost my virginity to him. After about two years when I was 19, I was at his flat I loved him and wanted to marry him. So I said to him “you have a flat, I loved you and want to marry you I don’t care if I have to leave home”. I expected him to say its about time you asked, but I was in the BIGGEST shock of my life, he said “YOU SIKH BITCHZ you thought I was going to marry a kaffir who has had SEX B4 marriage, I’m going to marry a pure girl from back home you were just a thing on the side to get me by”. I started to crying and went for the front door but one of this mates stopped me, there was about 5 of them. Then sheraz said “YOU CAN’T LEAVE that EASY you owe me I’ve spent so much money on Drugs, drink and shopping for you”. Then they all gang raped me. I had no where to go I couldn’t tell the police because I didn’t want my family to find out, because if they disowned me I would have no where to go. My brother was scared of sheraz and his crew. They used to knock his turban off in school he couldn’t do nothing then and I knew he still feared them no matter what they had done. My best friend who was going out with a paki suffered more than me. The pakiz drugged her up and gang raped her. The last words she could remember before the drugs hit her was 2 boys saying “Big Ali is going to pay us £2000 if we can send this Sikh SLAG to Pakistan for prostitution”. When she regained conscience she somehow managed to phone me, but the call got cut off when she was caught by one of the pakiz (I have never heard her seen her again). There are so many Punjabi girls in the same situation who have no where to go and have had to stay with pakiz and live in dishonour for their survival. They have no other choice this is growing problem within British Punjabi Families. Thereis no support from the community and no one shows mercy. The Punjabi boys should defend themselves and their sisters with more honour and dignity. That will stop them looking like PUSSYz and make girls like them more, because a girl wants a man that can look after himself. This problem is a reality; make sure it doesn’t happen to you or your matez. If the Punjabi community dosen’t deal with these kinds of problems the consequences are going to be devastating. A GOOD SOLUTION WOULD BE A PUNJABI COMMUNITY ADVICE CENTRE IN EACH AREA THAT WILL HELP GIRLS LIKE ME GET SUPPORT AND COMFORT.

I attend to remain anomunous after deep consideration for time being for the best. However if in the future I have do come forward I will not be ashamed because life is a lesson. Humans make mistakes. PLEASE SISTERS DON’T BECOME PUNJABIS WORST ENEMIES 12/02/03

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basically, waheguru has written our kismet.whatever happens to us, happens for a reason.i.e. rape.this is all happening because of what we have done in our past.there is more bad things in this world than good. its up to us to avoid them. what you have done is unforgivable but im not one to judge. Only guru ji can judge us. my cousin married a paki and she got chuckd out the family. the bottom line is that if sikh gals are getting played by sikh boys then dont date one but it doesnt mean to go out with a different religon.that doesnt solve anything. we have been given sikhism for free. we havent given up our lives for it so why go to a muslim or any other religon? i am very upset that i have heard this. just because you got played by a few sikh boys does not mean that we are all like them. you need to open ur eyes and start prayn to waheguru to get some answers. i can only wish you the best for the future. but once a girl has lost her virginity to a muslim, then that person has automatically converted to a muslim.

muslims aim is to rape, convert or kill sikh girls.

REMEMBER THAT!!!!!!!!!!!

dating shouldnt be on your mind. only simran should.

No offence but you need to sort out your life. parents are suppose to find the love of your life...not you!!!!!!

maybe this is a sign for you to concentrate on sikhism and waheguru.

if you devote your time to akaal purk then evrything will be fine but you have to give it time and do it from your heart!!!!!!!

give me the details of what their crew is called and their names and where they are from........also any other sort of details.

Good Luck


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Just realised this is not posted as personal experience by Jazz but thought I would post my reply anyway.

Waheguru Ji Ka khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh,


I am going to take it that your post is entirely genuine there are however

some people who feel it is justified to spread stories such as this in order

to incite hatred between group's and it always seem's to be about muslim

guy's and Sikh girl's.

Sikh men are not often (if ever) associated with cowardice this is not bias

on my part but by and large you will find most people agree including

muslim's. Your brother, though a turban wearing Sikh has missed the point by

a long way if he tolerates such humiliation of course he need's help in

understanding who he is and what he represent's when wearing the uniform of

a Sikh.

The Sikhs are renknowned the world over as some of the bravest fighting men

on earth this is our Guru's legacy who proclaimed that he would teach the

sparrow to fight the hawk, through this knowledge he would be able to

instill the confidence that is necessary to face a foe without fear.

You give your location as Ilford I do happen to know a number of Sikh

brother's and sister's there, I must admit the Singh's I do know there are

not the sort of people who would be bullied by anyone !!

Anyway I can forward you the detail's of some bhenji's who would be happy to

talk to you and offer possible assistance to re-unite you with your family.

Remember everyone make's mistakes and ultimately your family love you

despite what they may say and never forget the religion you were born into

is one of compassion and love, in the eye's of the Guru you are still a

beautiful soul with as much potential as you ever had. Take one step

toward's your Guru and he will take ten towards you.

There are a number of gurudwara in Ilford and they are open at all times the

next time you feel down go there, and sit for a while, it may be that you do

that when it is quiet in the evening or early morning and I promise you that

you will feel a warmth, a peace. This peace help's us to gain perspective

it is only human to make mistake's but as long as you live, everyday

promise's the gift of a new beginning.

Gur Fateh

Sukhbir Singh

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tru dat bro...never take shit from anyone...sorry bout the language, but this type of stuff really aggravates me. I go to a highschool with 99% of whom are white. I'm da only sikh guy, and no one messes with me. Probably cause i don't let them. I could care less bout there "crews", I mean i stand up for myself and dey know that. If anyone tried to mess with me, I don't care how many friends you got, you gonna get it...that and i got friends too, so yeah, never take crap from anyone, in my view its better to go down fighting than by just doing nothing.

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Hi ppl,

Just want to state out that this was an e-mail that was sent to my e-mail address. I put this on the discussion board so everyone could have a read.

The other thing is some people are confused about my sex. I'm a male.

Anyway take care all


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Hey ppl, this is very serious things if this is right. I have heard the same thing that muslim in UK are doing on this purpose. I have also read this some where muslim guy in uk target sikh girls and spend money on them , make them friends and then the lot of dirty stuff. There main aim is to convert sikhs girls into muslim. and distroy their honour. Hey ppl, don't take this easy ,,, this seems very serious. Well, it is happening so far in uk only. I don't know what is the solution to this. if this happen here i would kill this mother fuker... (sorry) ...this made me mad...

Hey ppl this topic needed to be discuss more...... plz say something.....

Rab Rakha.


moderator note: Cool down and please discuss it intelligently. Thanks!

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No offence but you need to sort out your life. parents are suppose to find the love of your life...not you!!!!!!


alright. i know most (if not all) want the best for their child. but in such arranged marriages, usually much contact isn't allowed between the husband and wife- to-be.

i believe the individuals who are putting their life up on the line-shud always have the final say.

did the guru jis ever mention anything about love ..and how it was forbidden. all they said was to marry widin your religion right?? ..correct me if i am wrong.

i believe there is really nothing wrong with loving someone..but you have to know your limits...and put your parents always in the first priority . as they are the ones who raised you and made you who you are.

and also i think the reason arranged marriages work the best is because the bride ...especially in our punjabi culture..fears to go outside of her comfort zone...and is trapped there!!....its like in the culture we live in, women are never given the chance "really" to be independent.....its like during childhood, a girl must subject to her father. and in later years to her husband. and then eventually to her sons. good grief! its like men always dominate..although with western influence. changes have started to occur....

anyways back on the thought of ..."parents are suppose to find the love of your life." ....does not work in all circumstances...especially when children are brought up in a western society.

but the main thing is you gotta know your limits. and put your parents in the first and foremost priority..!!

anyways ..enough on this one. i dont think it even makes sense what i wrote..but its worth the post.! lol

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yep i agree wid u desi kundo, i would wanna luv or atleast care bout the person hoo i spend the rest of my life wid. i'm surprised at how succesful arranged marriages rele are as oppose 2 otha "choose ur oown guy" marriages.


I go to a highschool with 99% of whom are white. I'm da only sikh guy, and no one messes with me.

its the same wid me monk, i'm da onli gal hoo ties a keski in da hole sch...of bout 700 ppl and there r onli lyk 3 otha sikh gals...no one messes wid me either, but i dnt think its coz they no i can beat them up 8)..lol.... , but more 2 do wid da fact that they respect me 4 havin the courage 2 wear a keski.

i used 2 try an fit in by bein "bad", buildin up a repuation of bein hard and generaly doin the opposite of wot sikh intends us 2 do, but i slowly realised dat if u look in2 sikhi, its more bout bein a gd person, and if u cnt b that, then ur nt nethin...so basically i wos bein a complete hypocrite and givin sikhi a bad name....

dnt make the same mistake as me..its hard 2 liv dwn a reputaion of bein "redy 4 nethin" and "rebellious"

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Aman Singh wrote:

I don't know what is the solution to this. if this happen here i would kill this mother fuker... (sorry) ...this made me mad

Moderator Note: Please refrain from using profane language

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FIRSTLY...u gotta be thinkin to urselfs ...i mean what a absolute THE GIRL WAS........ dont nobody feel sorry for like this that go around calling themsenlves sikhs , they bringing everybody else down with them, like this i see every single day and my ANKHAR goes off the scale :twisted: but wot ya gonna do :(


Moderator Note: Your post has been edited. Please note swearing will not be tolerated on this forum.

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u know i used to sit 4 hours and hours talking about this, about how wasted our girls are, about all teh crap "out there" and about what i have just read above....

It used to aggrivate me, make me cry, made me sick!!!!!!!!!! The whole works...!

Ive read that email b4, and many others like it... trust me!!!! Now just refrain myself from reading stuff like dat...!!!

All u can do is warn ur sisters... and ur brothers too, sit them down and make them aware of what its all about....

Just make them aware - tell em to take precautions... send em that email... cus these gals think "oh it wont happen to me"....

Make sure u let ur family members now about this... and sit dwn and tell urparetns about wot is hapning to our kuriiya....

Kalyug used to come thru that soldiers yah and rape the girls back in GuruJis time.... now, Kalyug is coming in thru the universitys, skools, town centres, clubs, gigs... and kalyug is coming in the form of men hu r out to hurt and convert...!!!!!!!

I havnt smiled even once whilst readig this particular room forum today - it is so unbeleivably mashed up out there.... hu knows what is hapnin dwn places like Bricker lane, deep end of Soho Rd and not to mention wot is goind dwn in the smaller streets!!!!!!!

Did u know there are aactual "muslim" (in name) HUTs out there that actually run organisations about this kinda "stuff"...?

Did u know that they follow these gals over months so wen they introsduce themselves its like the guy of ur dreams has comes cus he has da same interests as u?? (this is not personal exp by the way - just wot i seen and heard with ma own eyes)

YOU SHUD FEEL LUCKY and THANKFUl if u r in a sangat that reminds u of God's name.... that is all ur sangat shud be about....! You keep the wrong sangat... well guess wot happens???

I thinks its absolutley disgusting what goes on.... Kalyug is tampering with these gals emotions... and u knwo wot it is parents and societys fault for not toughening up these gals and showing them wot these so called "different" mundey are about. Yhey aare totally oblivious to wot is going on really. They are cut out from the big picture.


Thats wot gals shud be like................ and are they - no theyr're not!!!!

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this is an extremely serious situation;

sikhi should have a strong anchor within the family unit; having this as a strong influence from a young age is key in keeping some form of contact within sikhism & also passing it onto future generations. a conscious effort needs to be made.

one thing i will say though that this is 'kaam' & as my wise paanji stated this time of 'kalyug' is a very strong one. before we were able to see exactly who/ what was coming at us & from where. nowerdays it is a great deal different; deceat is occurring from all angles.

i always come back to this; its only with guru jis kirpa that our eyes can open to the truth. like the old saying goes; 'u can take a horse to the river but can't force it to drink.'


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girls need to be educated and encouraged to be singhs just like their brothers

if that was the case, theyd be punching these guys out, rather than losing their virginity to them

i wouldnt judge these girls either way and i still regard them as my panjees, but i just wish i couldve saved them or that i still could

i think veerjees especially need to encourage their sisters to be strong - it is said that the girls who look for boyfriends and stuff and stray away from the path aer the ones who were never shown love by their brothers & dads.. THAT HAS BEEN CLINICALLY PROVEN, SO VEERJEES, GIVE UR PANJEES LOVE.. they need it

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Hey k4ur,

U seems very touched with this story, could u be little more open with what else is happening there in UK. I am in USA, i heard about this kind of stuff about year ago. After reading this mail, its made me mad. and i still can't come up with the conclusion that who's fault is that. some ppl said here, its our kismat. some said, its our parents who don't teach about sikhism. and lot more..........

May i remind u all ppl, its not about sikhims, kismat , parents or any culture. Its about human kind. Its about some thing happening wrong with girls. If it were any other girl , i was going to feel the same as i am feeling for her. Don't think about that girl , what she did. I think we need to think about those guys who are doing this kind of stuff. Any good girl can fall for them, (as i know they have organisations, they are trained do this,they have money, they have power, there aim is to dishonou other religion}.. I think K4ur know more about this. Please can u tell me what is going on there , since u mention """what is hapnin dwn places like Bricker lane, deep end of Soho Rd and not to mention wot is goind dwn in the smaller streets!!!!!!! """".

can u be little more open. plz i wanna know more. Rab Rakha.

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People from the UK would know about the various "incidents" that have happened across the UK and more so in West London quite a few years ago when riots occured.

May i point out there are people (Sikhs) going around still who claim they were part of this and all i wish to say to them... those who were present KNOW who stood for Sikhi and who ran.


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