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A congression was sitting awaiting for the Guru to arrive for SatSang. Within the congression was a man who was intoxicated in bliss. The Guru arrived and everyone arose except for that man, few individuals standing close to that man looked at him with disgust as he did not stand up at the arrival of the Guru. Few other nudged the man to get up but the intoxication was too much for him and finally the men grabbed him and made him stand up. The Guru saw what was happening, as the Sangat sat down, the Guru called those people who had nudged and helped that man up and said, why did you make him stand up, he was the only one in this whole congression who had become one with me and you disturbed him from his union by forcing him to stand up.

perhaps this doesn't directly answer your question, but it might give you the answer you seek.

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i always thought ardas is that we follow standard procedure....i guess ardas could be just talkin to vahiguroo of something...if it's standard procedure then it shouldnt be done in sleeping posture but otherwise it's ok i guess :D

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I think, when your in the gurudwara, doing ardas in the presence of sri guru granth sahib ji and sadh sangat, one should stand up, doing ardas sitting or lying down wouldnt be as respectful in this situation. We should follow the Giani Ji’s movements here as a show of respect and ‘Nimrata.’

This situation is similar to when people hold one minute silence, they get up and take out time to remember, i think by getting up shows your making an effort to remember and i think its in a Sikhs nature to be as humble as possible.

I came across the following lines from Guru Granth Sahib Ji:


With my palms pressed together, I offer this ardas.

du-ay kar jor kara-o ardaas.


In the Court of the True One, you shall sit in truthful ardas.

saachee dargeh bais-ee bhagat sachee ardaas


Stand and offer your ardas, to the One who cannot be moved by force.

jis naal jor na chal-ee khalay keechai ardaas.

I dont know if the third ones translated properly, but if it is i guess it says it all really.

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challenge everthing made a good point.

Why doyou feel you need to follow the exact sequence of event during ardaas? it is not a ritual that must be followed accordingly to the T. Then it is no more than an act because everyone around you is doing it, so you follow their lead. Bow because you want to bow, bow as many times as you want, stand for as long as your heart desire. It is you who is doing the ardaas, not just the Granthi, He is reciting and you should stand there as if the words are coming from your heart, not just listening. He is not the Medium to communicate to God. Don't just listen to the words, feel them as if you are speaking. Then your standing has a purpose, then your bowing has a purpose.

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