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Respect for Guru Granth Sahib Campaigners - question!


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Hi, we all know that the Respect for SGGS ppl are stopping Maharaj being taken to halls/banquets etc. But what abt when people have Akhand Paaths in their homes?

With all due respect, the SGGS in a hall will only be read for an hour (or two at most)....but an Akhand Path lasts for 3 days. Many people have alcohol and meat in the household at the time of an Akhand Path, with the very real possibility of a session afterwards.

Surely this is much "worse" then taking Maharaj to a banqueting hall?

Curious to know people's thoughts on this.

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definately, it is just as bad, the pande and glasses they use to serve langar at home has at one point been used to serve meat and have had alcohol in them. Whilst the Guru Granth Sahib Ji is being recited in the living room, in the kitchen cupboards you'll find bacardi bottles and in the other rooms you dont know what you'll find. Guru Granth Sahib belongs in a pure house this is the reason we have Gurudware, if people want to do Akhand Paats, it is here they should be done.

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BAD is BAD no matter how you look at it, what you need to look at is the act of taking Guru Granth Sahib Ji to a hotel which has the same goings on as a standard panjabi household, the period of time here is really irrelevant, keeping Guru Granth Sahib Ji for a cummulative amount of time is no different from bringing it to a hotel a number of times, they are as bad as each other in my eyes, both need to be stopped.

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