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Life is a balancing act !

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Life is a balancing act

Have you ever tried to drive a car with only three tires? You won't get very far. No matter how strong each of those three tires is, the car cannot function if it is not balanced on all four tires. The corner with the missing tire will drag the ground and prevent the car from moving.

Similarly, the different aspects of our lives must be kept in balance if we're planning to get very far. Ignore one part of your life, and it will drag you down. Work toward balance, and all the different areas of your life will serve to support and reinforce each other. There are at least seven areas of life that we should strive to keep in balance with each other. None is really more important than the other, and none of them can stand alone.

1. Work - The productive, creative, activity of providing value to yourself and others. A job, a business, volunteer work, training, study -- these all fall under the category of work. Producing, creating and serving others is something that is absolutely essential to a meaningful life.

2. Play - This is "down time." Time when you can relax and enjoy yourself, doing whatever you most enjoy. Often called recreation, play time is a vital part of re-energizing and re-charging, literally re-creation.

3. Mind - Regular exercise and stretching for the mind can make it powerful and supple.

4. Body - Regular exercise and stretching for the body can make it powerful and supple. (Hmmm, sounds familiar!) Your body is your home for life. Respect it, enjoy it, and take care of it.

5. Spiritual - The part of yourself that transcends the material world. Your spirit has no limitations and can take you anywhere you want to go. Stay in touch with it and you'll develop a strong sense of perspective.

6. Family - Including blood relatives and all the other people you live with and closely identify with. Your family and your home give you a sense of sanctuary, a place where you will always be welcomed and accepted.

7. Social & Community - Interaction with others in our world. A healthy social life will expose you to an endless stream of concepts, ideas, experiences and opportunities.

Keep it all in a healthy balance, and life will flow.

-- Ralph Marston

source: greatday.com

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