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tap asthan of dashmesh pita


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gurfateh ji sangat ji............I'm back from india and have some awesome pics from my trip to anandpur sahib and kiratpur sahib.....this one is of the tap asthan at anandpur sahib..this is in the takhat Sri Keshgarh sahib in front of the red fort as an local historian as mentioned to me......





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GurFateh Bhai Sahib !

Could you add some more info / history about the ' tap asthan '

If you look at this picture below - also taken at Killa AnandGarh, Anandpur Sahib - you can see a Nihang Singh doing some 'target practice' - the Target looks just like the 'Tap Asthan' !!


This is either a case of someone embroidering the truth and giving a building a status it doesn't deserve or a case of serious Neglect and Vandalism on the part of the Archer !

While that is an arguement I do not wish to get into - the building is very interesting - please post any information you have on it .

The 'Historic' 'red fort' of Anandgarh was rebuilt in the 1930's and is unlikely to be much like the original - However the Baoli Sahib - the well - is indeed historic - it is believed that Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia transformed the 'covered' well from a 'Kuccha' building to one made from elaborate brickwork , arches and pavillions. Unfortunately the entire structure has now been clad with Marble ( a victim of the 1970s Green Revolution in Punjab - as the Money flowed heritage was bulldozed or clad in Marble - a marker of "Success" - by well meaning sewadars)

The 'tap asthan' may date from the Jassa Singh period - or it could be older ??

The "Hideous" Red painted fort ( profound apologies if you are offended but I do think it is atrocious) as I have said was built in the 1930s - it was not always so badly painted - In the below picture taken by my Dad in 1972 - you can see the brickwork ,arches and patterns - while this work is not 'original' it is much better than the slapdash paint work of today.

Note the slabs of Marble in the foreground - today they probably clad a historic building !


Apologies if I've offended anyone - cybersingh if you have any info on the 'tap asthan' please post it

Many Thanks !

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