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Police exposed with Jagtar Singh Hawara's statements


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Police exposed with Jagtar Singh Hawara's statements

Sunday 21st August, 2005

Saffajang Singh - Panthic Weekly Staff

Chandigarh, Punjab (KP) – Mastermind of former Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh’s assassination, Jagtar Singh Hawara, who had escaped from the Burail Jail in a most sensational jail break has exposed Punjab Police’s policies in front of the media. Speaking about the assasination of a doctor in Fatehgarh Sahib District, Jagtar Singh Hawara said that the four people who had been arrested in this case have in no way anything to do with this murder. Jagtar Singh Hawara totally exposed the Police when he took all the responsibility of the murder on himself.

According to reports received from hidden agencies during interrogations, Jagtar Singh Hawara admitted that he had killed the doctor because he was sending reports of Babbar Khalsa activities to the Police. Jagtar Singh Hawara said that he had used AK-47 to kill the doctor, but the Police had wrongfully framed this case by planting empty pistol cartridges at the place where the four were arrested.. This statement of Hawara has totally stunned Police officials.

This falsely framed case should act as an eye opener for those who are concerned about the wrongful arrests of hundreds of innocent Sikhs from Punjab who have been picked up by the Punjab Police after the arrest of Jagtar Singh Hawara.

Saffajang Singh can be reached at saffajang.singh@panthic.org

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