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Hi People, just wanted to know if anyone can tell me how Aarthi came about? Is it Baani? Why do we do it? Should we be doing it? I noticed that some Gurudware do it and some dont, and some people disagree with the throwing of flowers on the Guru Granth Sahib & that thing they do with the candles on the tray when they wave it about infront of Guru Ji, i'm a bit confused over this, someone please explain...

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is the use of Joht, and chor sahib also not from Braman Vad (as you put it) also calling the harmandir sahib a mandir.. whats more braman vad then that.. Its HarGurdwara.. !!!!

OOh the braman influences what will we do.. 96crore.. im sure that number has braman reference..


also arti has been covered in depth in this forum please use the search function, and read previous posts.

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