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Pictures from Sikh Student Camp 05

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wassssssssssssupppppp people, if u had not notice i was at the SS camp this year, being the all down winner of the protathon 2005 beating some of the best in the bisness,

I will be shortly putting up some of the pictures from my digital camara, now i ask ne one with ne cool pictures to put them up, possibly the one wioth the lion in the fire,

my pictures will be comin up sooooon.

later people

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some of my pics were used as the last day presentation befor we all left :D

the pics of the bonfire were amazing ! you can actually see an eagle and what looks like a singh holding a kirpan in the flames !!!!

the guy (forgot his name) that took those pics, took some AMAZING shots !!!!!

cant wait till they online !

what a week !

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