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Barsi of Baba Nand Singh Ji


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today is 12 bhadon and the barsi of Dhan Dhan Baba Nand Singh ji Maharaj kaleran wale . this is the day when he left his panj bhootak chola and went to sachkhand .

Its impossible to write the mahima of a brahmmgyani because "brahmgyani ki gat brahmgyani jaane "

"brahmgyani ka ant na paar nanak brahmgyani ko sada namaskar "

baba ji taught nimrata , prema bhagti , upasana of guru nanak , the true maryada of doing seva of guru granth sahib ji , practically followed the bachan of "guru granth ji maanyo pragat guran ki deh "

he brought the true picture of guru nanak by himself giving darshan to a painter

he never went to a private house , meeting or function

he never touched money , never signed anywhere , never talked to a woman alone , never kept any materialistic possessions with him

he never made a pukka house , hut , thaath or any pukki building

whenever he left from one place to another the kachhi hut or kutiya was broken down . and all the extra materials were either burnt down or drowned in the river

there was no property in his name

he was a tyagi mahapurash

his guru ji , baba mahaharnamsingh ji bhucho wale used to say that world wouldn't see a another face of such a tyaagi mahapurakh in the future

guru gobind singh ji mentions in sau sakhi "nand singh garja singh aadi jin laaj panth ki saaji "

he did udhar of 84 lakh joon includinh humans , various animals and even bhoot prets . he was in control of the whole sristhi or uninverse at that time underr the hukam of guru nanak

he used to make guru nanak ji ( guru granth sahib) eat with his own hands in pratakh form like bhai lalo did . and even bathe him with his surti .

once when baba ji were bathing Guru nanak with his surti suddenly guru granth sahib came in his dhyaan ,and in the morning paathi singhs told baba ji that some angs of guru granth sahib got wet .and then baba ji told them wt happened .

he taught how to do akhand paths , sampat paths and other maryadas as told by guru gobind singh ji im mukat maarg .

he was one of the 72 avtars who will give pehra in kalyug under the hukam of guru nanak .

all the sants , mahapurakh , brahmgyanis are not gone any where . they are all in guru granth sahib

his mahima is aprampaar and cannot be written or stated , its infinite ................

waheguru .............

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Dhan Dhan Baba Nand Singh Jee Maharaaj, BrahmGianee, Raaj Jogi Mahapurkh


jnm mrx duhhU mih nwhI jn praupkwrI Awey ]

janam maran dhuhehoo mehi naahee jan paroupakaaree aaeae ||

Those generous, humble beings are above both birth and death.

jIA dwnu dy BgqI lwiein hir isau lYin imlwey ]2]

jeea dhaan dhae bhagathee laaein har sio lain milaaeae ||2||

They give the gift of the soul, and practice devotional worship; they inspire others to meet the Lord. ||2||


min swcw muiK swcw soie ]

man saachaa mukh saachaa soe ||

The True One is on his mind, and the True One is upon his lips.

Avru n pyKY eyksu ibnu koie ]

avar n paekhai eaekas bin koe ||

He sees only the One.

nwnk ieh lCx bRhm igAwnI hoie ]1]

naanak eih lashhan breham giaanee hoe ||1||

O Nanak, these are the qualities of the God-conscious being. ||1||

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Woah... I went to the Nanaksar Gurdwara at Brampton (one of the three) not the one close to DIXIE Road Gurdwara... but the one that was kind of close to REXDALE... I'm glad I got to pay my respect... I'm reading the ONLY 'semi-authorized' biography of Babaji right now... it was translated by Bhagat Singh (Retired Judge - no relation to the painter)... and yeah, the first two pages have blown me away (thats all i've read so far - and it is the first of five volumes!)

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