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Godly act: True compassion & humanity

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Father of seven brings home abandoned infant

Kanchan Vasdev

Tribune News Service

Ludhiana, August 30

Poverty did not deter this man from embracing a few-hour-old girl, who was all set to be devoured by stray dogs. The girl child was abandoned by her biological parents and left on Basti Jodhewal Road here last midnight.

A father of seven children including four girls and three boys, Mohammed Dilshad, (40), a rehra-puller of New Shakti Nagar, even refused lakhs from some childless couples.

The family has named the girl Shamma. Too happy to have another addition, the family living below poverty line, has decided never to part with her. ‘‘She is an Allah’s gift to us. He is trying to test us by sending this girl, ’’ said Saira Bano, his wife, carrying the girl in her lap, while sitting in their humble rented apartment, which looks more like an animal shed.

‘‘Last night when my husband brought the girl, he asked me whether I could keep her and love her as my own child. Just after a glance at her, I could not say no. She is such a beautiful and innocent girl. How could anybody be so cruel and throw this girl on the road. They could have atleast left her in an orphanage, ’’ she added.

Dilshad said that at around 1:30 a.m. when he was returning home after a long-day’s work, he heard cries of the infant on Basti Jodhewal Road. He did not stop. As the cries became louder he came back thinking some child was in trouble.

He saw four dogs in the bushes licking the unwashed infant wrapped in a worn out towel. In the thick of night, he sat there, waiting for the baby’s parents for half an hour. But nobody turned up.

‘‘I felt that this girl was unwanted. I brought her home and handed her over to my wife. She was too happy with another addition to the family, ’’ said an elated Dilshad.

As the couple’s seven children were prancing about Saira Bano went about stitching new clothes for the little girl. “My eldest daughter, Gulsana, (17), stitched her first frock,†she added.

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