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Balmikis-Jats clashes


Other Dalits support high caste people against Balmikis  

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Dear Vijaydeep Singh Ji,

I hope you are in India now and are aware what is happening in Gohana, Dehli, Panchkula, Amritsar, Jallandhar, Ludhiana, Kapurthala etc.

As you know, it was thought that 'Dalits' are a united-power in India. I have been watching present 'shor-sharaaba' of Balmikis and Jats. If you are in India, you may have noticed that almost all of Haryana is hot today. Even Punjab Police have beaten many Balmikis up today. (watch 'Aaj Tak').

I have watched live telecast of 'Sarv-Jaati Maha Panchayat' in Gohana. If you have watched this, you must have noticed that even 'other' Dalits joined this Maha Panchayat. Even than, it turned to only 'Jat Maha Panchayat, instead of 'Sarv Jaati Maha Panchayat'.

I have watched TV channels, which have been showing scenes of today's 'Balmiki Maha Panchayat' in Delhi.

Well, I do not go into other details. I just wanted to know if I am wrong if I say that even non-Balmiki Dalits show hatred towards Balmikis. I believe that other non-Balmiki castes shake hands with upper castes when it comes to oppose Balmikis.

Here, I want to make it clear that I am not supporting what Balmikis have done today or in recent days, though I feel their pain.

(Members, please take part in poll, if you are in India).

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Wahiguru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

Das just got post by Bhai Sahib and as it was having name of Das so Das will put a few things over here.

In UP ie western UP it is not Valmiki or so caled CHurha/Bhangis but problems Jats have is with Jatav/Chamr/Regurs.

Similar thing happens in Rajsthan.

So in order to defeat Chamars often in Panchayt polls of reserved constitutines be it So called Jat Sikhs of Meerut Khadar/Local jats of Banger or Deswal or Punajbi Hindu Jats of Trans Ganga they will make there own Valmiki Candidate stand against Chamar and let him win.

So it is matter of fact that Valmikis,chamars,Dhanuk,Rahiyas,Kanjer they are all divided and have nothing common in them but for the fact that they are tagged SCs or Dalits.Even if they convert to Budhism etc yet they are not united.

Main reason could be lack of education and maybe lack of mony which makes them power hungery and easyly carried away by thier upper caste masters.

coming back to Jats.Das inspite of the fact haveing relation with many of them(Great Grand father of Das was native of district Mahiiiindergarh later migrated to Bihar and had established himselkf in Telis as therer were no jats there).Das can say that one term for them esspacialy in Haryana ie Bullies.

Had some Valmiki being killed by Jat then no valmiki could have torched home of Jats.

But in punjab which has highest no of SC population in India Valmikis are acting as a bully.If they have a guts they must come to Haryana and fight ther 27% popual;tion of Jats there.There is no need to target Sikhs in punjab who are not party there and are rather tolarant to Valmikis.

Das would like to say the way Valmikis act like Holigan in Punjab they do not dream of such thing in any other part of India not even in Delhi where they will be toaught a lesson by Jatavs or Dhanuks.Or in rural parts of Haryan,UP or Rajsthan.

If they have been provided privialge in Punjab by others tolrating them then it must not mean that they must go on bersek but there are only a few people among them who are educated and till some insider takes an intiative in is unlikleuy that some thing constructive can happen.

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Good post, dear brother vijaydeep Singh Ji.

I was hurt to know that Balmikis attacked a Gurdwara in Kapurthala city. So, I started this thread. I think we should do something positive for Balmikis, especially in Punjab.

As you must be aware, Piara Singh Bhaniarawala was once considered a leader of Balmiki and other Dalits. When holy Sri Guru Granth Sahib were burnt in my district, he became the target of anger of Sikh sangat. I still remember how powerful he was in his area. Thousands of his devotees would go to his 'Dera' to get his blessings singing glory of Piara Singh. He was called 'Neh-kalank Avtaar'. I was trying to preach in his area (Noorpur Bedi region). I would go to nearby villages with my students and do 'Keertan' and 'Katha'. Though, Ravidasis and Gujjar invited me to their villages, but Balmikis did not. You may call it Balimikis' courage. They never came to me.

Ravidasis have good population in that region. They celebrate birthday of Bhagat Ravidas Ji and hoist their different flag. A Sikh preachers' group refused to perform keertan and 'Katha' in their 'Gurdwara. They came to me (I was working in that region to understand Piara Singh Bhaniara's game). I sent my students there, who performed Sri Akhand Path of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. On final day, I went there personally and did 'Katha' of a Shabd of Bhagat Ravidas Ji. Ravidasis were so happy with my group. I noticed there that Brahmans, Jatts and Balimikis did not join them.

There are lots of Hindu Gujjars in that area. I had chances to attend ceremonies in their homes, where my students did 'Akhand Path' and Keertan and I did 'Katha'. At one place, Sikh Rajpoots were seen in Gujjars' ceremonies and at one place, no Sikh was seen. I cannot say why Jatts were not there. Here too, Balmikis were not seen.

I had two Jatts in my students. They were never against any other caste. I never felt that they hate Balmikis or Ravidasis. They obeyed me when I sent them to Ravidasis' homes.

When I failed there, I returned to my home. Later, Piara Singh was jailed. When he came out, he was attacked by a Jatt Sikh in Ambala. In Tallan village, anti Jatt Sikhs clashes are still fresh. When Gohana's Balmikis' colony was attacked by haryanvi Jats, Punjabi Balmikis got angry. Amritsar's battle between Punjab Police's warriors and Balmikis was a rememberable scene. (I hope Mahtab Singh Ji had watched those scenes. :LOL: Punjab Police reacted later).

But, my point is why it happens again and again in Punjab that Balmikis think that Sikhs or Sikh organizations are anti-Balmiki. Don't you think we should do something positive for them? Otherwise, they will be converted to Islam or Charistianity. Then, we will shout against them.

I have seen Ranghreta (Balmiki) Nihangs from very close. They have full faith in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Love and only love for the Panth Khalsa. Ranghrete, Guru Ke Bete.

Vijaydeep Singh Ji, I think Balmikis are strong enough in Haryana too. They were beaten up by Jats, because Police were acting against Balmikis. Please share your views.

And Please, tell about Jatavs. Are they 'Chamaars'? If they are 'Chamaars', do they believe in Bhagat Ravidas Ji or not?

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Das is soory for using name of castes but that's what local people use the term.

Well Valmikis are only strong in a few cities in Haryana else local Jats or Aheers(in south) or Meo rule the roost.

As there are many of the Jat or Gujars or Aheers in police or Para military or Military and at varoius high post and in past also jats of Haryana were mercenany fighters in Muslims or later on Bharat pur force so Valmikis have little chance in front of them.

And as Jats are bully they keep on breaking the moral of other castes.

Well in Bharatpur one of there king wanted to say that term Chamar is derogatory so tto give them a respectable name Term Jatav was made.

so both are same but still tanner is more often termed as Chamar while those who make shoe or have higher jobs in government or else do other craft are refered as Jatavs.

They call Sant Ravidas Ji as Guru Ravidas.

Them there is another caste called Ramdasia(Caste of Kanshi Ram of BSP).In UP they are Rahiyas and in Delhi Rajsthan they are Regurs(Das had a matrimonial proposal from one such Hindu Girl whise mother is Temple Satsangi of the mother of Das but due to nature of his job Das told that he is not ready as yet and she could be married somewhere else).

Well Regurs are much educated in towens but do not follow Sant ravidas and and in Delhi are major vote Bank for BJP(SP Ratawal is from the same).

In caste anyway they are lower than Chamars as they remove the skin of dead animal traditonaly and they can eat Murdar or meat of animal dead naturaly while often Jatavs will not eat mudar but Jhatka or halal.

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