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Food for thought: - Sikh Values !

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Belief in One God — Sikhs view life as an interconnected whole. All human beings are equal and alike in front of God.

Equality of man and woman — Sikh men have last name of "Singh" and the women of "Kaur". Equality of all Mankind regardless of Race, Religion, Background Caste or Creed. All are Equal, All are Loved and Respected.

Belief in the Guru Granth Sahib — the Sikh holy book or the "Living Guru". Sikhs venerate the revealed teachings contained in the holy book, which belongs to all mankind. Sikhs do not believe in idols and idol worships or rituals.

Belief in the Guru — (Teacher). Sikhism is not a synthetic religion. It is a revealed faith that has been transmitted through human means.

Belief in Freedom — Sikhism is an intensely democratic faith that places great emphasis on the individual and freedom of choice for everyone.

Love for All — Sikhs pray daily for the well-being of all of humanity.

"Nanak Naam Chardikala, Tere Bane Sarbat da Bhalla"

(O God! Through Satguru Nanak, may your name be exalted and may All Humanity prosper according to your Will).

Food and Shelter for All — Central to the Sikh faith is humble and voluntary Service for all in need - not only the poor.

Justice for All — A Sikhs spiritual beliefs must constantly be tested and proven in the world of action. A Sikh cannot witness injustice and turn away. They are "Saint Soldiers" in every decade.

"Waheguru ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru ji Ki Fateh".

The Khalsa belongs to the God, all victory is the victory of God.

Sikhism maintains that while

" Truth is High, Higher still is Truthful living".

source: http://www.sikh.net/Sikhvalu.htm

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