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Hawara Speaks of Being Tortured


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Hawara Speaks of Being Tortured

Sunday 11th September, 2005

Sucha Singh - Panthic Weekly Staff

Chandigarh, Punjab (KP) - Sikh Freedom Fighter Bhai Jagtar Singh Ji Hawara, who was captured by Indian security forces about three months ago, has appealed the National Human Rights Commission on the grounds of him being tortured and for the total disregard of his religious sentiments by the Delhi Police. Bhai Sahib has told

NHRC that the methods of torture that were inflicted on him included electric shock. He said that this was done at the behest of certain leaders in Delhi. Bhai Jagtar Singh Ji also told of how he was not allowed to cover his head, which is a requirement according to the Sikh Code of Conduct. It should be noted that there was no restriction imposed on Bhai Sahib from covering his head while he was previously lodged in Burail Jail before his escape.

This is not the first time that freedom fighter Bhai Jagtar Singh Ji Hawara has told of being tortured and of complete disregard of his religious sentiments by the Delhi Police.

About a month after his arrest, Bhai Sahib had told his lawyers that there was no part of his body that the police had not inflicted torture on. This was evident also from the many pictures in the press, which showed that Bhai Sahib was unable to step out of the Police jeep without the assistance of the Police Personel. At that time, Bhai Jagtar Singh Ji had also narrated the tales of how the police purposely hurt his religious sentiments by pouring alcohol into his mouth and stuffing his mouth full of tobacco from cigarettes. This was all done to Bhai Sahib in order to break the Sikh Spirit in him, as the Security Forces know that he is a very devout Sikh who follows the teachings and Sikh Code of Conduct to the letter. It is a sin for any Sikh to consume or use products such as tobacco and alcohol.

The Government of India has shown time and time again that it has no regard for the religious sentiments of the Sikhs. The despicable act of putting tobacco in the mouth of Sikhs by Police officials has surfaced and become prevalent since the late eighties. The torture of Sikhs in Indian jails has been a common occurrence since the independence of India. Hopefully some Human Rights groups in India or abroad will come to the aid of Bhai Jagtar Singh Ji Hawara and other Sikhs who languishing in jails all over India have and still are facing unspeakable brutal torture at the hands of the Indian Government.

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Wahiguru Ji Ka Khalsa Wahiguru Ji Ki Fateh

Well he has charges of carrying out bomb blast in Delhi in June 2005.

Which lead to one death also.

intersting thing is that there is a punjabi hindu perhaps vicky sehgal and a bihari hindu raghunath yadav who are also behibd the bars for there being part of babbers.

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Here is some of the history to it:


Police exposed with Jagtar Singh Hawara's statementsSunday 21st August, 2005

Saffajang Singh - Panthic Weekly Staff

Chandigarh, Punjab (KP) – Mastermind of former Punjab Chief Minister Beant Singh’s assassination, Jagtar Singh Hawara, who had escaped from the Burail Jail in a most sensational jail break has exposed Punjab Police’s policies in front of the media. Speaking about the assasination of a doctor in Fatehgarh Sahib District, Jagtar Singh Hawara said that the four people who had been arrested in this case have in no way anything to do with this murder. Jagtar Singh Hawara totally exposed the Police when he took all the responsibility of the murder on himself.

According to reports received from hidden agencies during interrogations, Jagtar Singh Hawara admitted that he had killed the doctor because he was sending reports of Babbar Khalsa activities to the Police. Jagtar Singh Hawara said that he had used AK-47 to kill the doctor, but the Police had wrongfully framed this case by planting empty pistol cartridges at the place where the four were arrested.. This statement of Hawara has totally stunned Police officials.

This falsely framed case should act as an eye opener for those who are concerned about the wrongful arrests of hundreds of innocent Sikhs from Punjab who have been picked up by the Punjab Police after the arrest of Jagtar Singh Hawara.


Obstacles put in the way of Hawara’s Defense

Sunday 21st August, 2005

Sucha Singh - Panthic Weekly Staff

Chandigarh, Punjab (KP) - The cunning Brahmin government of India pulls yet another devious move in an attempt to damage the defense of Sikh activist Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara. On a complaint from the Burail Jail Superintendent R.C. Sharma, the two lawyers Amar Singh Chahal and Sukhwinder Singh who are representing the Babbar Khalsa chief in India were arrested. The charges brought against them are wrongful confinement, threatening a prison warden (Mantu Ram) and restricting public servants from performing their duties

The police version of the story is that Bhai Hawara's lawyers arrived at the jail to appear on the behalf of their client and insisted on taking their car inside the jail. On being prevented by prison warden Mantu Ram from taking their car inside the two lawyers created a scene, subsequently the lawyers were arrested.

The drama did not end here. Amar Singh and Sukhwinder Singh answered back by filing before the Additional Session Judge, Mr. Sharma a contempt of court against the jail officials. Siding with Hawara Ji's lawyers, the District Bar Association alleged that the two had been framed by the police for exposing acts of omission and commission of the jail staff. The DBA says that the lawyers were framed in order to create an obstacle in the defense of Bhai Jagtar Singh, for which they were actively engaged in for the past 10 years. The District Bar Association went on to say, “This tentamounts to interference with the judicial proceedings and obstructing the administration of justice by depriving the defense counsel of the right to defend his client.â€

The Brahmin Government is doing anything that it can do to damage the defense of Jagtar Singh Hawara. They have already put so many false cases against him so that his whole life will be spent in the courts of India. In these courts there is practically no chance of justice being served, especially for Sikhs.


False case against Hawara’s wife should be dropped, IHRO

Sunday 24th July, 2005

Saffajang Singh - Panthic Weekly Staff

Jalandhar, Punjab (KP) - In a press conference, D.S. Gill, president of the International Human Rights Organization (IHRO) stated that his organization would be approaching the National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) regarding the illegal detention of Jagtar Singh Hawara’s wife, Balwinder Kaur, who was arrested in Dhuri village of the Sangrur district along with three others.

According to D.S. Gill, Balwinder Kaur has been seriously mistreated by the Police. He also expressed the fear of her being executed by the Police.

D.S. Gill also stated that no one has any right of ill treating Balwinder Kaur for merely being the wife of Jagtar Singh Hawara, the Khalistani activist. He said that just by being the wife of a militant, nobody has a right to treat her as a militant.

The Punjab Human Rights Organization headed by Justice Ajit Singh Bains and many other organizations have expressed deep concerns over the illegal detentions of hundreds of Sikhs in the past couple of months after the arrest of Jagtar Singh Hawara.

These organizations have urged the Punjab Government to drop the false allegations against all the innocent victims of the Punjab Police and against the Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) chief S. Simranjit Singh Mann.

The National Human Rights Commission in the past was encouraged by Shiromani Akali Dal (A) to protect religious and human rights of Jagtar Singh Hawara.

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I think for one we need to constantly highlight the abuses to the Sikh community and also wider to the world.

There are currently cases being made against the goi and that will be good to highlight the perpotrators and also document the suffering that Sikhs are going through which can be presented to the UN amongst others:


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Das just wanted to know that is it OK to carry out blast in public places as recently we have in Chandigarh and Patiyala.

And is not it strange that same bhai sahib an year before ran from jail and are only recaptured after the blast.

Das is not saying killing beant sinhu was wrong as he has a good lot sin of killin innocent by his machinary allagedly or say kps giill or gen dayal

BUT inocnet hindus or indians if they are killed by any of our 'holy warriers' needs to be condemmed and that is a terrorist act.It will only bring bad name to us.

Lastly we need to understand that there is something called propoganda warfare say even if someone put tobacco in convicts mouth or say cut hairs by force such actions can not destroy Sikhi.

To let the culprit of such acts be if at all be brought to justice we have judiciary and press in India and if it is biased then we can resotre to international communities.

Best cuold be taking use of petitioan online.

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