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Sunn Samaadhi

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This kinda things cannot be explained but felt but i ll try my best according to my little buddi:

Gurbani talks about sun samadhi in sukhmani sahib:

Sargun Nirankaar Sun Smadhi Aap, Apan Kia Nanka Apan Hi Fir Jaap ||

State of Sun Samadhi is when this jiv meets paratma by loosing it's existence and consciouness this is also called- Nirvakalap Samadhi.

According to baba jagjit singh ji harkhowaley..in his one of tapes he said- when an saint reaches nirvakalp samadhi it's very hard to live further..however according to will of nirankar..person does live....sun samadhi is turiya avastha.

I may be wrong ...so don't take my post as gospel divine truth :roll:

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