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Finding your Faith

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Finding Your Faith

All souls are born with an inner knowing of God's reality. Humanity's long immersion in the separated consciousness and the exploration of individuality has created a culture of forgetting.

The awareness and experience of faith, and the assumption of faith, is not built into your current culture, however faith is not lost. It has not disappeared, for it lives within the human spirit, the human heart and soul. Faith is at the center of every life whether a soul is able to perceive it or not.

How can you find your faith if you don't feel it?

First it is important to feel the longing in your heart to strengthen your faith. This desire opens up the lines of God's Light so that it can flow more freely into your heart, and so that the Light can flow more freely in your daily life.

Set aside a short time each day, 10 minutes a day or more, to meditate and pray. This sincere and heartfelt prayer, asking for your faith will further open up the doorway of God's love and Light.

Make a commitment to give freely to another soul in some way each day. This may be as simple as a loving phone call to a friend in need, an hour volunteering in service where there is need or a sharing of your gifts freely in some way that your heart resonates with. The process of giving awakens the inborn nature of faith that your soul was created with.

Connect with like minded, like hearted souls who are also seeking God and living a spiritual life. The Light within each of you will support the whole. Much transformation can occur through joining with your fellow souls.

Faith is not a mental exercise or a belief system. Faith is not exclusive to one religious group. Faith is given to all souls to remind them of who they are in God.

During these troubled times of crisis on Earth, faith opens the doorway for true transformation of spirit. Your faith is your anchor during these times and your doorway to God. Faith will bring you peace and set you free.

May you be blessed with God's holy peace, faith and trust. Amen.

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