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Suleman ghost story in "detail"


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Read in the book "pret kiton devte" by the Hapur Mahapursh - they were there when suleman first came.

Suleman was a pir and saw his daughter and a sadhu together romantically while he was in samaadhi and got angry and went looking for the sadhu to kill him. He couldnt find the sadhu and when he got home he burnt his daughter and a short while later his wife died of grief.

then he started doing bad things for money as he had ridhia sidhia.

after he died he was taken by jamdoot to dharamrai - took one year, beating him all the way. He describes what dharamrai looks like - 'beard white like the sun, skin red like molten copper'. Dharamraja tells him he has to go to kunbi narak until he learns his lesson, and then has to be a pret for a thousand years.

Suleman asks how he will get mukti - Dharamrai says that God will come to earth in the form of 10 Gurus, after some time when Sulemans sentence is finished there will Guru Nanak Dev ji's sant in Rara Sahib who will give him mukti.

Then he asks Dharamrai where the sadhu who slept with his daughter is as he wants revenge. Dharamrai says that he will be a boy called manmohan singh and you will recognise him when you see him. You can beat him, but you cant kill him, he will lead you to Sant Isher Singh.

Suleman says he met Guru Nanak Dev Ji in mecca medina, where he was told he had to do what Dharamraja told him. He also says that he met Guru Gobind Singh Ji but not in detail - he was questioned by someone and suleman answered "I have already told you I met him."

Suleman says that people used to to pooja at his grave (muslims), and one day a boy urinated on the grave, suleman looked at him and recognised the sadhu he has been wiating for. He started attacking him, until he remembered Dharamrajas word, and let him go, when the boy became uncoinscious. The villagers quickly came and got him, doctors found nothing wrong - didnt know what had happened.

At first he cam to Hapur in someone elses body and then started speakin in manmohan singh, who was in Maharaji's sangat.

Maharaji found someone to have suleman as a baby that both suleman and the family agreed to and suleman went. First he refused to go to someones house coz they were rich, then when he agreed to this family he said that he would go but wouldnt sell newsparers ( that was his father to be's work)

A few weeks later Suleman turned up at Rara Sahib again, Maharaji asked him why he broke his word, Suleman said he didnt break it - it takes six months for the human to form and then he will go back because the pain was too much in the womb - written in Anand Sahib paat as well (mata ke udar meh pratipal kare).

Maharaji said ok, Suleman took Manmohans singhs body again and started living in rara sahib sangat as sevadar.

This is when one of those recordings was made that is on the net. This was made by balwant singh, and the transcript is also in the book.

This conversation you've heard on the recording. He seems a nice enough guy

7 months later Suleman was still there, Maharaji called him and again asked why he broke his word, Suleman said he was sorry, but wanted see Maharajis birthday before he went. Maharaji said no - the baby was ready.

Suleman replied that Mahraji could do anything, and that he could the delay the birth, Maharaji agreed.

11 months after his mother got pregnant, Suleman was born, after Maharaji refused another extension - saying it would to painful for the mother to wait any longer. He left his nishan on manmohan singh - his tongue was all spotty.

For 4 years after he was born Suleman could remember all that had happened to him - he also described what kunbi narak was like and what people had to do - some people were being burnt again and again - didnt really understand that bit coz his urdu is strange.

Theres a couple other stories about prets and how they got mukti through saptah paat, and extracts from Gurbani about pret/bhoot etc.

He described how prets possess people - 'like how tissue sticks to sweat on a body, the pret envelopes the human'. Prets are attracted to the smell given off by people who eat meat, eggs and drink alcohol, because their food is blood and meat - which they eat through animals.

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meat, eggs and drink alcohol, because their food is blood and meat - which they eat through animals

how is alcohol blood and meat?

also, if eggs make a pret attracted to the smell given off my humans then surely milk would have the same effect. After all, that is from an animal as well (ps this is subtly different to the whole meat vs veg argument)

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