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Know your Real Self !


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source: Discourse on beyond II

~ Know your Real Self ~

First descended from Waheguru (God), a transparent ray, the conscious reality, which combing with nature took the epithet of living being. Round this ray, spread a mini globe- like substance, and the ray became resplendent. This state has been termed as the first separation (isolation) of atma(soul) from god(paratma) and has been called the sheath of bliss. After this, with the coming of thinking, one automatically moves into second circle of Maya (illusion). This is Miracle of Intellect. It was named the intellect of sheath. Descending lower still, there awakened the idea of making some achievement of producing something new. Affections and allurements brought this being under their control and pushed him into countless programmes, which are ever-expanding, so that the chain is never broken. The state of mind has been called the mental sheath. One was caught in the circle of resolution and repudiation. Beyond this stage, the cosmic energy pushed it still further down and called it the circle of power or the vital sheath. This power was born out of the relationships of the illusion. After this, it assumed some form and went on assuming different forms. As Guru Maharaj has ordained-

For several births thou became a worm and a moth.

In several birth thou wert an elephant, a fish and a deer.

In several births thou became a birth and a snake.

In several births thou were t yoked as a horse and a ox. SGGS JI- 176.

This cirlce of different bodies is called "Annmayee Kosh". Kosh the sheath of food.

In this way, this pure consciousness (drop) went on amassing around it tendencies towards illusions. It forgot its real nature and completely lost thought of the fact as to Who I am, and wherefrom I have come. Not recognizing oneself as the pure (divine) light, one started looking on oneself as just the body, which is made of five elements which is subject to all sorts of ills. The wise called this circle as sheath of food. It forsook it's real state of supreme happiness and considering oneself as the being of dust, it from the time immortal, has been going through the circle of births and deaths and has been experiencing untold miseries. He has been weeping and crying and lamenting. He does not realize how could he reunited with his original source(God), Who is all truth, all super consciousness and never ending bliss; and return to his original stage. So caught in miseries, he keeps on lamenting.

The seers, the prophets, the saints and sages, philosophers, and those who have known the secrets of the Divine have told man many supernatural ways to the real true path. These prophets having coming out of the source of all purity appeared in the most holy forms. They by their saying gave to man the gospel of vedas and puranas, bible and holy writ all of which assumed their loftiest form in the shape of Siri Guru Granth Sahib.

The fifth emperor of the world Guru Arjan Dev has commanded thus, to free his being from the circle of world of woe-

Sing the praise of the lord, O friendly saints, with alertness and single mindedness. SGGS JI - 295

This is a very simple path, treading on which man, over coming countless obstacles one can merge into his real self, which is all light. To achieve this goal, concentration of mind is extremely necessary. So long as one does not know how to achieve concentration of mind, that long all his prayers and other efforts remain fruitless. There are some tendencies of mind, which do not allow one to achieve concentration of mind. Of these, the first tendency is named Mentality of Evidence.

1. Mentality of Evidence (Parman Birthi/Regarding the outward world as the Supreme reality)- Whatever is the spread that is visible, they may be children, wife, parents, one's own body the different relationships of the bodies, friends, enemies, things that brings joys or sorrows remaining engrossed in all these things is termed Mindset of evidence. To withdraw the mind from this world of sights and sounds seems extremely difficult. Till one gets the guidance of a perfect Guru, one cannot be liberated from this visible world. Guru Maharaj's sermon is-

All that is seen, shall go not with thee, O Man. So abandon thou thy self-conceit and worldly attachment SGGS Ji- 1230

This being knows that he is not to stay in this world for all time, nor are sons and daughters, wife, parents eternal in the world, yet when one of them dies, he is over-whelmed with unbearable grief at their separation and can't rise above this slush.

2. The reverse mindset ( viparje birthi)- The second type of mentality is named the Reverse Mindset. In this stage, everything appears the opposite of what it is; things non-existent appear to have existed, and things existing seem non-existing. It is like the example of a traveling in summer through the desert, where man being tortured by thirst is desperately in need of water to quench his thirst. In the desert land, he has mirage that a river over-flowing with cold water is flowing at some distance from him. This deception seems to give to him some feeling to be a true fact. But when he reaches that place, he finds nothing there. It was just a mirage. Similarly, everyday he sees the world with his eyes and hears it with his ears and regards this outward world as full truth.

Before our very eyes, this world is seen passing away. SGGS JI - 325

Still he regards the world as a true reality. On the other hand Waheguru Ji, who is omnipresent and is immanent everywhere-

Wherever I see, there I see him present. He, my master, is never far from any place.

O my soul, ever remember him, who is contained in everything. SGGS Ji- 677

In the earth, in the sky

There pervades a light in all.

It can't be added to, nothing can be subtracted from it.

It permits no change (Akal Ustati, Siri Dasam Granth).

According to this holy write, inside and outside, all is full of good. With his power, go on the entire operation of the world; with the power of his name, the world appears, man regards this all pervading spirit as untrue. There is not trace of doubt in such a person. He feels that the world around him is all truth and God, who is All-perfection, spread all-round in the Universe is untrue. This mentality is called opposite Mindset. Guru Maharaj makes reference to it-

This world is the mountain of smoke.

What thought has made thee deem it real? SGGS Ji- 1187.

3. The sleeping mentality (niranda birthi)- The third type of mentality is called sleeping mindset. Man knows all and reads all, still he keeps lost under the power of sleep. This stage of forgetting the Reality is called the sleeping mentality.

4. Alternative Mentality (vikalp birthi)- The four kind is named Alternative mentality. Man does small good acts such as giving charity, the recitation of the bani and holy singing, and with the aid of these small items, he has hope of great fruit. In other words, under the influence of this mentality, one feels the great effect of desires. Little service and alternative mentality does not allow the mind to achieve full concentration in the prayers to God.

5. Remembering Mentality (Simriti Birthi)- The fifth type is the Remembering Mentality. When a person begins prayer and obeisance to God, when he starts recitation of the gospel, and when he tries to unite his consciousness with God's name, he has memories of long-forgotten things. This memory mindset does not allow him to offer prayers whole heartedly; his reading of the holy texts won't bear fruit.

Try to understand this fact by means of a parable. When Guru Nanak, the emperor of the world, while bathing in the Bein River plunged into water and came out after three days, he was repeating only one saying-

I am Neither a Hindu, Nor a Muslim.

My body and soul belong to Him, who is called God of Muslims and the lord of Hindus. SGGS Ji- 1136

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