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Sant Jarnail Singh Bhinderwale and Sukha and Jinda


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do you think sant ji was right to fortify the golden temple? i do but what do you think. Udham singh assasinated the man who took thousands of lives in amritsar and is called a shaheed. didn't sukha and jinda do exactly the smae thing yet they are called terrorists? in case you didn't already know they assasinated general vaidya you attacked darbar sahib. aren't beant singh and satwant singh also shaheeds. they assasinated indira gandhi who masterminded the attack on darbar sahib. they're not terrorists either!!!!!

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well they attacked 37 other gurudware on the same day, whether bhindranwale ji was there or not they would have attacked it anyway. When somebody robs your house, you dont move next door to fight them, you stand your ground there and then. That day was an attack on Sikhism. And yes your right, Sukha & Jinda and Satwant & Beant Singh are Shaheeds not terrorists.

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Bhindrawale should've come out and tried to handle the situation...

Bottom line...

Sukha and Jinda are warriors... shaheeds to the fullest...

They saw their reflection in a bullet and laughed...

Same goes for Satwant and Beant... Ajj Satwant, Beant Pyareh...

Sikhs used to be sooooo respected... what happened?

Shri Guru Degh Bahadur Ji's sacrifice has now been forgotten...

I dont know though, I liked some of Bhindrwale's ideals (No meet, religious devotion, and his motto "Naseh chaddo, Amrit Shako, Gursikh Bano"...


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hello people!!! i expected more people to comment on this topic considering the injustice is happening to us even today

our sikh leaders like master tara singh made a big mistake by refusing to have our own sikh state. if we did then maybe we sukha and jinda would still be here. i'm so proud of their sacrifce.

they day before they were hanged they celebrated their piunishment by giving each other luddos. i have photos of this.

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