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Hey guys!

I am def a lucky to get to attend Sikh Student camp 2005 for the 2nd time this year and yes it was very chardi kalla! Esp Sukh Paji explaining the Hukamnameh in English!! BRILLIANT!

Coming back from camp i distriubuted the camp audio to family members, 1 of which is my elder bro...he listened to >>>sajanarraa meraa sajanarraa nikatt khaloeiarraa meraa saajanarraa<<< which was the camps ong (fantasti shabad :D) ...He heard the jaikara of Akaaaal....Sat Sri Akal n he said what does that mean? I explained its another Jaikara...n he started to question it...

can some 1 please help me to explain why we say Akaaaaaaal as oppose to Bole So Nihaal? is Akaal like the shortened version of Bole So NiHAAL?

please help..

Thank u


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There is a document in the british library talking about how when the sikh movement of the 1920's was conforming to standard practice that the jaikare, were banned because alot of the time in the 1850's indian annexation the nihangs would in the jaikare, shout slogans against the gore taking over the country


"Goria deh sir jhatkavey, London deh Kuthe" (Cut the goras head off these london dogs etc

So as a part of a non intimidating jaikara "the Bole So nihal Sat Sri Akal" was adopted and nowadays your know in the gurdwara, when everyone says the reply Sat Sri akal its very timid and soft, compared to the Bonfire night at SS Camp where it was far from mild and soft, scary somewhat .


Jaikaras around the Bonfire here the Sank( Trumpet Shell drives throught the heart)

About 10 pages down

Many felt Guru Gobind Singh there with us all. Here is a video which you can hear some of the jaikaras chanted over and over. It's one of those things that you had to have been there.


Please correct me if I'm wrong, end of the Day sing the jaikare to your hearts content Bole So nihal...akaaal, sat Sri Akaaal or which ever way you want

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I WAS der that night so i fully understand what u mean wen u say how the jaikara shook al of the cmapers, touching their heart and soul.

I was never scared but ur rite u cud feel Guru Gobind Singh ji amongst us!

The reas why i raised this was cos my family are like the akaal jaikarah is wrong! there hsould only be 1 jaikara so wanted more clarification.

I dnt knw if any 1 has seen the pictures from 1 of the paajis in camp..ont hem u can actually see the shaheed that were present!! it was amazing!!!!

the bonfire nite shall never be forgotton!




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