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Braking the engine of the mind !


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Practically speaking, in order to learn to love, we need a tool for transforming anger into compassion, resentment into sympathy. We need some kind of brake to apply when the mind shifts into high gear under the influence of anger and other negative emotions. The mind is so used to having its own way in almost everything that all it knows is how to race out of control.

How many of you would ever step into your Pontiac or Toyota if you knew the brakes could suddenly fail. I could say, "You have plenty of gas, a big engine, gorgeous upholstery, radial tires, eight-channel stereo tape deck, ashtray. Why don't you go ahead?" You would reply, "But I can't stop the thing!" The vast majority of us, amazingly enough, manage to travel through life without knowing how to brake the engine of the mind.

We can all install a simple but effective brake, the mantram. Whenever you feel agitated, annoyed, impolite, or downright angry, keep repeating the mantram. Gradually the mind will race less and less. When the brake is thoroughly road-tested, you will have the equipment to be patient and kind in every situation. You will be ready to face the tests that real love demands.

source: www.easwaran.org

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