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Gur mantar and Mool Mantar

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Can some one tell me why we have two mantars? Gur mantar and Mool Mantar? Why do we have to recite two... I assume there could be a reason thats why there is two mantars. Some one told me mahapurshs use mool mantar and others tend to use gur mantar because its smaller(short) I could be wrong here.

If I have made any mistakes in above please forgive me.

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Bhagat Kabir recited reverse ram mantar i beleive when his gurdev- ramanand went to go to take ishanan and in the dark- his leg hits bhagat kabir ji and upon that incident guru ramanad ji recited mar i think and bhagat kabir ji thought he got naam mantra...so he start recited this mantar with full faith and prem until the end.

i m not quite sure about the mantra was it mar or ram ..but i heard this sakhi. it was one of mantars..someone else can confirm that be great.

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mool mantar was the mantar given by god and guru nanak dev ji which was given to the world to expalin what God was in the ideology of Sikhism. theis was recited in heaven when guru nanak dev ji were in communion with god for the three days they spent under the river beas.

gur mantar is given by the guru to his follower and by the grace of the guru and your concentration on the mantar one find the lord who is always withing one and becomes enlightened

beej mantar in sikhi is ik onkar. this is the primal seed invoked in every sikh that there is only one god.

Maha mantar is the part of the mool mantar that is given by god to guru nanak dev ji while they were in communion. it is from Ik Onkar to Gurparsad. some people think this is the mool mantar but actually it not and is referred to as the maha mantar ( the great incantation)

Mala mantar is the japji sahib

To find out more about these mantars then read the japji sahib steeks by sodhi teja singh ji, sant giani gurbachan singh ji bhindrawalae and sant giani kirpal singh ji sato gali walae

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