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Last words from Saint John Paul !!


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VATICAN CITY (AP) - The Vatican has published an official, meticulously detailed account of Pope John Paul II's last days and hours as he approached death, including his final words, mumbled weakly in Polish: "Let me go to the house of the Father."

The Vatican publishing house produced a 220-page volume, with entries in chronological order, starting with Jan. 31, the day the Holy See's press office announced the late pope's audiences were being suspended because he had flu symptoms.

The publishing house said Saturday the volume, which can be purchased at the Vatican, went on sale in recent days.

A good many of the details in the account have been revealed by the Vatican already but the volume gives some more details.

Its publication might be an effort by the Vatican to try and ward off any future doubts over whether the Holy See has told all about the pontiff's death.

There was much speculation in past decades over how some of John Paul's predecessors have died, notably John Paul I, who was Pope for only 33 days in 1978 before he passed away in his Vatican apartment.

The account goes on to cover John Paul II's symptoms, care and response to treatment during two hospital stays and then during his last days in his Vatican City apartment as he approached death, which came on the evening of April 2.

Six hours before his death and roughly 3 1/2 hours before going into a coma, John Paul said in Polish: "With a very weak voice and with mumbled words: 'Let me go to the house of the Father,"' the Vatican account said.

Dhan Dhan Vahiguroo daie pyare...!

Dhan Dhan Dhan jan aa-i-aa.

Blessed, blessed, blessed is the coming of that humble being;

jis parsaad sabh jagat taraa-i-aa.

by his grace, the whole world is saved.

Vah Ji Vah..this news made by day :

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