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UNITED SIKHS URGENTLY requires volunteers to make a difference in relief efforts in the City of New Orleans (USA).

Thousands are expected dead and the entire city of New Orleans is under water, amongst other cities, after Hurricane Katrina hit the south-eastern United States in what is being called one of the worst and most expensive natural disasters in American history. The police, armed guards, and medical professionals are struggling to provide essential services with hundreds of thousands of people homeless, displaced and or injured.

UNITED SIKHS has started the GHANAIA Katrina Hurricane Relief project and is working together with US authorities to gather resources and build a team of volunteers, including medical professionals, who will aid the refugees in Louisiana. We need your support, through time, effort and money, to make this project successful.

If you are available to help out ASAP or in the near future, you will need to easily acquire a US Visa and contact UNITED SIKHS


Address: PO BOX 43799, London, W14 8SS, United Kingdom

Tel: (0044) (0) 870 1993328

Fax: (0044) (0) 871433 5655

E-mail: unitedsikhs-eu@unitedsikhs.org


Address: 3 Rue Du Pasteur Wagner, 75011 Paris, France

Tel: 00 33 147 0084 41


E-mail: unitedsikhs-fr@unitedsikhs.org

North America

New York

Address: 28 Vesey Street, #2133, New York, NY 10007

Tel: 1-646 338 5996 (Toll-free: 1-888-243-1690)

Fax: 1-810-885-4264

E-mail: unitedsikhs-na@unitedsikhs.org

This is ideal for anyone wanting to undertake GAP year volunteer work.

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