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confused about SIKHI?answers here


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Essay On Mystry Of Life Purpose, Who We Are, Where We Are, Where We Come From and Our Real Aim Of This Human Life

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

Satsriakal Ji

My purpose to write this essay is aimed for the modern society to realise the TRUTH. It is important at this day and age, an easy understanding of SIKHI message is put forward. Most people born in western culture can not read and understand gurbani and are really confused about SIKHI.

So I am trying to put the message clear and short as possible.

Ok… here goes

The soul is a part of god, until is pure as god himself and there is no attachment with anything no pride it shall be born again and again! Facing births and deaths (Pain). All the karma we make this life good and bad we shall we rewarded.

Out of gods all creations the human birth (Called Mat Lok) is special. This is the only chance out of char lase lak joun (4.3 Million creations of lifes on earth) That we can unite meet with god. If we fail we will be recarnated over again through the 4.3 million lifes on earth including all the animals.

Our soul has just come from the 4.3 million speices (including ants, dogs and horse) cycle to human form. Or we must of done some good deed and bhagti last life to be human once again.

When the soul is placed in mothers womb this is called kubhi narak (hell). There is so much pain for the soul. We do so many prayers to god get me out of this hell! I shall pray to your name! God says I know when you come to the world you are going to forget me. I know you cant pray 24 hrs a day so make it 2.5hrs a day and give 10% of your earning to the needy or poor or buy food for use in gurdwara langar(sikh temple food serving hall)! And give food to animals.

When humans die, at the time of death there is so much unbearable pain. It is said pain of 100 snakes biting the body that is how much pain there is. This is caused by Yama (angel of death) She comes and breaks the body and tears out the soul. But those who are bhagats (meditators) she does not come too. There after the soul is welcomed by JamDhoot (Ghouls) They beat you on the way to Dharam Raja (King Of Gods Court). It is said the way to gods court for manmukh(people who do not do what gurbani says and those who not amrit shak (not been baptised is the journey to gods court is 1 year) On the way you have to face hell obstacles. I.e there are tree with leafs like blades that u have to walk in to. There are walls so narrow with sharp spikes in them! Man this is so scary!

When you get there in court, those who are meditators on Gods name are respected, souls who are meditators on gods name have a different way to Gods home! Some souls unite with god straight away everlasting happiness and those who forgot god and got their minds attached with Money (Maya) and did evil karmas are brought to him with the accompany of jam dhoot(scary devils), who hammer the evil soul on the way. Some who did good deeds and not finish their bhagti(Mediation) and Not get rid of their all their Sins, Sikhs come and take their souls to court quickly, but then u are reborn as a human not put in the cycle of 4.3 million animal species then you have another chance to finish of your mediation and erase your sins.

Most souls are lost, 1st know who u are, Why are you so engrossed in worries? Why are you afraid of some one? Who may kill you? The soul is immortal; it neither dies nor takes birth.

The present is here and now, the past is irrecoverable and the future will be good. Don't fret over the past and don't be worried about the future. The present is going on.

Why do you cry? What did you lose? When you were born, what did you bring along, which has been lost? What did you produce which has been perished? It is here that you gained and it is here that you lose. The man comes to; and goes from world, empty handed.

What you own today was not yours yesterday and will not be yours tomorrow. It does not and will not belong to anyone. You consider it your own and rejoice. This happiness of possession leads you to utter grief.

Yours is this world. Start from where you feel to; stay where you desire and wind up where you want to. It has no beginning and no end. You don't fear anyone, but yourself. You are the fright and also the frightened.

Change is the truth of life. What you consider as death is life in reality. In a moment a multi-millionaire is turned pauper. Give up the feeling of possession, great & the mean; differentiation of friend & foe. Then all is yours and you for everyone. Your corporeal being is a product of air, water and fire and it merges into the same leaving behind neither blood nor bones. Still yours existence remains the same. Then ponder over what you are.

Wake up! and become the eternal sons of the Almighty. You are the great and unique manifestation of Nature's power. All the divine powers are possessed by you, like a tree hidden in the seed.

In fact you don't fear anybody; you don't have any worry, suspicion, pain or grief. You are His dear ones. Surrender yourself completely to Him.

Always, remember the "Waheguru" (God) to achieve salvation. Let your life be guided by the saying "Whatever God wills, is good". Be content with the will of God. Remember Him both in pleasure & pain.

Our mind is a tool: it is attracted to bad things: anger,lust,attachment,ego…. example: when a beginner starts meditating on god names waheguru. It is hard to concentrate, ur mind can not rest! Not even when you are sleep. All ways thoughts arsing. This is the key ! When doing mediation the key to come to level of no thoughts! There actually real bhagti (mediation shall begin). Once u begin mediation u sit for 5min, then 20min then 45min etc… going up to max.. Those who are into to worshiping gods name called bhagats sit up to 3-6 hrs some even days this is called sun samadhi. These people obtain occult powers.

Some people say “Oh man praying is boring, my legs start to hurt after 3 mins) That’s how much the soul is polluted!†If ur mates call u to go club and say we aint got a car, can we take urz!. Meet me at certain time at lesta square for example!

Then we have all the time to actually have a shower get dressed double clean the car, and pick every one up and then spend couple of hours in the club.

All that effort is a waste of human form! What u just did is not going to go with u! Only thing going to go with u is how much Naam(reciting Waheguru) you practised! This is so powerful naam, at when u 1st start. It goes at the tounge, then to the mind(purifys your mind), then to your throat! Then to your heart here it cleans your heart! Gurbani is powerful.

Guru Nanak Dev Ji came on earth to give us a real jewel “Waheguru†and we don’t apprieate that and do gossip about people at the gurdwara. He done this he done dat! Its easy to criticise, even a sinner can criticise. Don’t judge people, judge ur self! Wen u die and go to god court, no one gona be there to help u. I.e mum, dad or any mate of urz!

Its easy to criticise, even a sinner can criticise. But when it comes to actually getting rid of your thoughts in mediation that’s where we fail!

I know lot of Gianis we assume they here to give good example, just coz they look like Sikhs. But its sad to say most of them there to just do there job and they do it for money and most don’t really love god really, and don’t even do their prayers. That’s where most Punjabis get hurt. They pretend to be good Sikhs so people who aint got a clue about sikhi and need help go to them for help and really get used. When they start helping gianis and doing good for them! They think they are going to go to heaven for helping them. That’s just rubbish…. People don’t read Gurbani so they are mislead! Fake gianis use people and use and abuse them! A real sikh does not need to take money from you, a real sikh has got no time to waste they only recite the lords name and it is a drug for them.

You know your mind when it goes to Gurbani and sticks to it. The power of Gurbani will be soaked in your mind. If not then the naam and power of it will not soak in your mind! 5th guru Guru Arjan Dev Ji Maharaj has written in Sukhmani Sahib: Those whose minds have started to recite and love Gurbani, they will get this treasure of supernatural powers.

What is simran? Simran is when you keep saying the same thing over and over again, keep looking at it, listening to it and keep saying it. You could be reciting for instance the Gur Mantar (Waheguru) Or Mool Mantar.

Simran leads to super natural powers! And it kills the thoughts! Allowing you to worship gods names. Hence being able to practise mediation on waheguru.

Gur Manta (Waheguru) is easier as it is smaller! This is given to us by Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

We people only do simran(mediation) of sons, parents and family names! How stupid we are! Wasting time in being bossy and talking about peoples lifes! Wot a waste of human form.

U gota read bani of bhagat Kabir Ji. He states in Guru Granth Sahib:




People who eat meat, this is a bad sin! You shall have to pay for your actions! If u eat meat u make bad karmas(deeds). You shall have to be that animal and the animal will eat you! If you change know and pray to god u can erase your karmas!

Those who drink alcohol they will drink hot fire in hell!

Also it is said that Ghosts/Spirits are attracted to people who eat meat, eggs and drink.

The ghosts is another life form for sinners. Part of the 4.3 million creations of births and deaths. Ghost Life span of 1000 years! They have a Hungry stomach and Only a small pin sized hole at for their mouth! They stick to humans or animals like tissue sticks to sweat and then ghosts suck blood.

People who practise waheguru and mool mantar, black magic does not come near them.

My advice is to you readers who want to change and get on the path of the truth. To save your self from bad karmas and hell. Being a khalsa guarantees you not to fall in the 4.3 million species of recarnation. Your Guru who is the shabad “Waheguru†Shall help you even after death and present! U don’t know wen u gona die so why put ur life to waste!

All we think about is making money and enjoying life, making an good investment! But have forgotten about making investment about after life! And pleasing god! The giver of this beautiful body and the creator of which the house u sleep in!

Those who become khalsa(sikh batised), wear the 5 ks. Read 5 (sikh scriptures) banis! (Jap ji sahib, Jaap sahib, Tav Parsaad Sava-yay, Anand Sahib, Rehraas, Ardas, Kirtan Sohila) and practise of the recitation of Mool mantar and Waheguru Mantar they also can read the Sukhmani Sahib!

Khalsa wakes up at 2am and does his prayers b4 eating! The reward of this is so much!

Go to this website! http://www.gurbanifiles.org/ read the translations of gurbani to understand the meanings. But please note when you actually read the gurbani is should be pronounced right and read in Punjabi! Not English. “It’s a sin to read Gurbani wrong!†Or to listen to wrong Gurbani been spoken!

Here http://www.boss-uk.org/multimedia/#audio you can get audio files of bani been correctly read so its beneficial to listen to. Constant listening to bani will make ur mind free of bad thoughts.

And www.gurbani.org is good too!

The way Simran Waheguru mantar makes us pure it is sinked in our layers! There are many layers! It is so powerful: There comes a time that wen u can feel no pain! Our Gurus were executed by Muslims in the past, they gave up their lifes! But they did not feel no pain being boiled alive or cut alive! That’s the power of waheguru mantar!

Waheguru wen it goes to belly at the point u will start to hear bliss non stop recitation of waheguru! Then u don’t have to say it just listen! This is an advanced stage!

Join www.sikhawareness.com

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