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~Japji sahib vichar sagar~ Must Must Must Must Read !!!!!!!

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Download section:  

Dear Bhaji, This link is not working -  probably because it is dated? Can you please share a working link or put this in the download section..Thanks Regards

Sat nam, Neo Singh,

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

I've been looking for a good explanation on Japji and I've found it! Thank you so much for doing this work. Please can I have permission to put all 81 sections together into a single PDF file so it can be more easily distributed to everyone?


Siri Simran

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Sat nam, Neo Singh,

Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa, Wahe Guru Ji Ki Fateh

I've been looking for a good explanation on Japji and I've found it! Thank you so much for doing this work. Please can I have permission to put all 81 sections together into a single PDF file so it can be more easily distributed to everyone?


Siri Simran

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru ji Ki Fateh "sirisimran" ji

Could you please sent me the single pdf. Much appreciated.

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I have started listening to japji sahib vichar sagar deep divine meanings of gurbani by gyani thakur singh ji which required gyani ji close to 80 hours to do the full japji sahib katha which is exteremly deep. This is for actual seekers who are willing to learn depth of gurbani:

you can listen to vast deptness of japji sahib - http://www.gurmatveechar.com/katha.php?k=gts

So I have managed with my limited buddi to translate just 1 file out of 81 audio files by gyani discourse in punjabi into my broken english..translations are not fully carbonn copy. I have translated whatever will be exteremely helpful to sangat. Mind you, in course of translation, i also have to make sure this stuff does not confuse the sangat..so i have kept it simple.

1st tape covers vast knowledge of "ikongkar".

Here is the actual vichar of what ikongkar means:

Sidhas told guru ji - in vedas- there is aom, why did you add "ik" "ong" "kar" and made it "ikongkar". Guru Ji said - aom means trinity (rajo, tamo, sato guni), is made of akar, okar, makar- akar is rajoguni represents bhrama(creator of world), okar is satogun represents vishnu(preserver) and makar is tamogun repersents shivji(destroyer). Guru ji asked sidhas, in this aom, show me where is vahiguroo who is the creator of these three dieties???

Sidhas all went in silence.

Guru ji further explained - Ik represents advait sidhant (non-duality)and it also break rules like - bhramin caste can only recite aom/ong, khatri can only listen to it but not recite and vaish/shadur caste cannot recite aom or listen. Guru Ji further asked sidhs if wives of bhramin, khatri, vaish/shadur have right to recite/listen aom? Sidh replied- no even they don't. Guru ji replied and said - then the aom is only for bhramins..that's why i have added- Ik in front.

Ong represent combination of aom - akar,okar, makar- Rajoguni, ,Satogun, Tamogun.

Kar represents god in nirgun roop (non-existent, inaccessible). Kar is actual karan(cause)/karaj(task) roop of ong. God being in nirgun gave nourishment/power to bhrama (deity) to create this world, vishnu to perserve and shiv ji to destroy.

that's why i have added- Ik infront which is advait (non-duality), ong - resosance(hound) which creates trinity and kar at the end to represent - God's actual roop - Nirgun(non-existent, inaccesiable, agam, agochar) and made - Ikongkar like as if rain pours every-where..it' belongs to everyone...anyone can recite it regardless of race, religion, creed, status... - men, women, children..anyone..because we actually reciting god's name ultimately...no one has monoply over god.

Guru ji further told sidhas that we only recite one's god name with no duality, sing his praises only, only talk about one, only worships one, only sevak of one.

Iko Jap iKO Salaihhe ||

Kar Ardh Bin Paichayan, Chaauro Ko Samadho Jo Ongkar painchayan ||

When we recite Ikongkar...it takes our surat(concentration) to upper realms naturally. Yogi sidhas usually recite aom aom to reach upper realms but since they are reciting aom they get darshan(vision) of three devta's - bhram, vishnu, shiv instead of higher supreme reality. recitation is not complete. It's only complete if one recites kar with aom or ikong because when we recite kar. It takes us to upper realm in dasam dwara where we get "Atam Anand/Bhram Anand" . There are two types of anand- 1. Bhram anand. 2. Yoga Ananda.. Bhram anand is never ending always infinte anand one gets compare to yoga anand which is temporary after surat goes down...yoga anand disappears. Guru Nanak dev ji wrote kar which has all the parkash.

There are 6 things which vahiguroo give parkash-

Bijli- Lighting

Tare- Star

Suroj- Sun

CHandarama - Moon

Munuk di buddi- Being intellect

Earth- Fire.

Full gurbani from siri guru granth sahib ji came from Ikongkar.

Bij Mantar Sab Ko Gian | (Sukhmani Sahib)

Root mantra gives everyone light of supreme knowledge.

Bij Mantar is - Ikongkar.

Gyani ji also says- not to recite Ikongkar alone because of its intensity..people like us cannot handle it's intensity..that's why guru ji added- Ikongkar Satnaam Kartapurkh Nirbhau Nirvair Akaal Morat Ajoni Saibhang Gurparsad Jap Ad Such Jugad Sach Hai Bhi Sach Nanak Hosi Bhi Sach ||

To be continued. This is exteremely deep. This is only first file out 81 files of japji sahib i manage with my limited buddi able to translate gyani ji discourse in punjabi. May Vahiguroo give me bibek buddi and his grace i can try to translate all 81 files of japji sahib in my life as time goes by. I have probably have made many mistakes during course of translation..so bhul chuk maff sangat ji.


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