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Sikh Student Camp Reunion & London Youth Kirtan


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Sikh Student Camp Reunion & London Youth Kirtan

Date: Saturday 8th October 2005

Time: 5.30pm - 10pm

Venue: The Central Gurdwara (Khalsa Jatha) London

62 Queensdale Road, London W11 4SG

Nearest Tube: Shepherd's Bush (Central and Hammersmith & City Lines)

For more info: www.sikhstudent.org

email: info@sikhstudent.org

tel: 0774 246 8895

"through innocent love meet the eternal"

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(JOKE BTW for all those that read the first few lines and panic )

Just see the pictures and audio up

really looks and sounds like an anti-gurmat camp :roll:

People look really sad and depressed in all the pictures, the naam and bani must have been false and the sangat must have been listening to anti-gurmat parchar to be so HAPPY in EVERY photo, Shame

Plonkers !

Somebody tell SikhSangat.com

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Just wana say thanks to all those who came to the Kirtan!!!

It was seriously amazing.... and the place looked and felt like camp!!

If you stayed til the end and saw the camp video's.. they were really funny!!

and YES... we almost started ONTIME!!.. 7pm isn't bad!!!

finished at 2.30pm.. :-)

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