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F.O.A.K - Four Of A Kind aka Saqi Roadshow Feat. Rail Gaddi


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yep yep

the remake of the classic tune "Rail Gaddi" sang by Mangal Singh, produced by the foak boyz , engineered by frantic kam

the tunes good, people still like the original, plus it had more of a train feeling to it'

Yaar Da Viah - sang by the Big..... Lembher Hussainpuri, almost used on every track nowadays sings this wedding tune, its good, dhol "this and that"... its good,

Akhan Billiyin, Amma.........the guyz got a horrible voice, sorry just dont like the guyzvoice, spoilt the track

Garba, for the hindu/ guji community, yep that banging sticks tune'

, deosn't appeal to me even though they've done a good job on it', sang by asha

Nai Nibhani - yep, sad, boring, when you want to fall asleep, put this tune on, lolz, didnt like it, sangby Lembher

Dil Hilgaye, sang by Balwinder , still the average desi tune,

Aja Billo, sang by Amma, and again i didnt like it,

Addi Marke, its tunes alright, dunno if its grown on me yet,

theyve put enuff effort inda album, if you ask me, they tried too hard, lol lol

enuff people involved aswell, Amarjit Sidhu, Dev Raj, Tubsy just to name a few

the dhols fantastic, overall its not a bad album, the tunes are good, some of them take time to grow on u, but for me, but nothing partically "catched my ears' :P

u think they shouldnt have done another rail gaddi tune?

if you heard it, let me know what u think of it :wink:

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