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Becoming A Beacon of Light


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Becoming A Beacon Of Light

Meditating Outward

All humans are beings of energy, vibrating at unique and beautiful frequencies. As such, each of us possesses the ability to affect the world in a positive way, simply by using focused meditation to connect with our own environments, our fellow humans, and the Earth. Because it is intention that creates the connection, we all have the potential to act as and to create beacons of light - centers of positive, healing energy that radiates outward, dispelling negativity and spreading joy and well-being. It is more than choosing to maintain a positive attitude. Rather, becoming a beacon of light means embodying qualities of energy that can open up the potential of others and becoming a center of positive change by meditating outward.

The process begins by creating environments that are supportive and energizing, but also a sanctuary where those who enter your space can find renewal. That is the seed. To make it blossom, sit in a quiet place and begin breathing deeply, focusing on achieving a clear and calm state of mind. Center yourself and visualize a blanket of warm, positive energy flowing over your hands. When you can perceive the energy shifting and having an effect on the air around you, direct the energy into your body. Finally, release it and let it spiral outward, first into your home, then further into the yard or surrounding homes, then over your entire neighborhood, and through your city, state, and country. Finally, let the gentle vortex of perfect light and perfect love that you have created settle over the entire world. As you send out your loving thoughts, realize that you are the center and the source of the beacon.

When you've spread your gift of positive energy as far as it will travel, return your focus to the place from which it originated and take a moment to observe your own feelings. As you take one last deep breath, reflect upon the fact that in brightening your own soul, you have played a positive role in all peoples' spiritual evolution and in blessing your own home, you have also blessed the Earth

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