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Action and Consequence

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Action and consequence The actions you take have consequences, and some of those consequences can be painful. Yet life would be hopelessly more painful if there were no consequences.

If actions had no consequences, there would be no reliable way to achieve anything. There would be no way for you to direct or control the circumstances of your life.

As it is, you can choose the consequences you experience by choosing the actions that bring about those consequences. You are able, in large part, to avoid the consequences you don't want and to create the consequences you desire.

By taking responsibility for the consequences in your life, you gain the power to determine what those consequences will be. By accepting and embracing responsibility for the outcomes of your actions, you are able to bring about the outcomes you prefer.

In each moment, with each choice you make, consider what that choice will bring. You have the power to create your own results.

Choose your actions with care and positive intent, and you'll like the consequences they bring.

-- Ralph Marston

source: greatday.com

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