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ranjit-singh-dhadrianwale-sikh-preacher-a-fake saint

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The recent video of Bhai Ranjit Singh shows him wearing a Kalgi (plume) or something similar to it, and sitting on a high seat. On the wall behind him is a large painting of himself, and in front of his seat is a plastic basket. The video shows how Sikhs visiting him put money in the basket, give presents and then matha tekh to him. Bhai Ranjit Singh shows no hesitation when the Sangat matha tekhs to him. He blesses those who bow to him by patting them on the head or back. The video shows how that Ranjit Singh casually sits on his seat and sometimes show little or no interest in those who bow to him with faith and sharda.

We must ask ourselves some hard questions. Firstly, why do some people insist on singing “Dharnaas†or Gurbaani mixed with their own lyrics rather than singing Gurbaani purely without addition or distortion? Is Gurbaani alone not good enough?

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Any body interested in seeing the vedio clips they are available here



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if this becomes attitude to keep our eyes away from such nakli sants & babbe, who compare themselves with our respected Gurujis, then as far as I feels Sikhi will be no more. Though it is most essential to become actual Gursikh, which is much difficult, yet we should remember that even our Honourable Guruji (Dasmesh Pitaji) arranged to burn the Nakli Masand. Now in these times of IT, these babbe will increase like Congress Ghah, some of whom are Bhaniara, Ashutosh, nakli nirankari, this new Dhadrian wala etc. We should not shut our eyes like pigeons. Further, it might be possible that who advise to keep quiet on seeing such gross violation, might be followers of that Baba or they have seen some good things in him. Kindly donot take the matter lightly. In the interest of Sikh Panth, it may become a major issue, because such Babaas do wrong jobs in the name of Panth. I beg pardon if some thing wrong is written.

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i m not a follower of ranjit singh .

the point i am trying to prove here is that before you have a right to improve others you should have the power inside urself ( kamai) , ur life should be pure . thts how i think .

Guru ji had the power . do u have the power ?

don't think i m saying that we should let nakli sants to do beadbi of sikh religion . they should be punished .

but what pisses me off the most is that people start coming to forums , start bashing eac other . but they are able to do nothing .

r u capable of doing something with ranjit singh ? probably no

i know awareness of current events is good but bashing not good .

i m tired of sant bashing on tapoban .

i thought sa is best since there is nothing of that sort . but now this post comes out .

i know ranjit singh told lies . ths all i know . i don't wanna analyze his beahvior or character . just leave tht to guru sahib.

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sorry to say Karmjit, what ur saying, or advising, is that applicable upon urself. Gurbani guides, "Avr updese aap naa kare....." U say donot find faults of others,but see own inside, it is good even the best, please apply it also on urself. SA is always good. Awareness is not bad. we will have to see & clean atmosphere ourselves. If each Gursikh unites, then surely we may do every thing with the bad elements, by the grace of our Hon'ble Gurujis. Kindly understand the seriousness, don't side-track things.

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just as u may look urself BG. thrd was started with a+ve motive, but people try to cease discussions for may be some vested interests. by side tracking issues. by making meaningless questions. this is the main reason we are lacking behind.

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I donot want to achieve anything individual. A wrong-doing by a so-called Sant, as pointed out at another site was pointed out through this thread, to alert Sikh world. But, after seeing the above 3-4 postings, it has been learnt that nobody is trying to understand the seriousness and all are advising to shut eyes from such wrong things. This is an example of sikh-world's fate in present era. I may only request to all to read sikh history since the days of our most respected First Guruji onwards. Leave this thread, if nobody is interested to read the wall-writings. Bhul Chuk Maaf.

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Do you know what purpose he is collecting the money for ?

I've seen him when he came to the U.K whether he was fake , hypocrite only god knows . But he was preaching from the Sri Guru Granth Sahib and insisting people not to bow down to hime or give any money , I saw it myself , people don't stop , they carry on anyway.

His purpose was to make sangat take amrit , is that a bad thing ?

Secondly , don' you think everyone does this i.e. make collections

1. If you listen to radio stations , don't they plead the sangat to make donations ( is this wrong also ?)

2. When a gurudawara opens a radio station for 1 month , even though it is from the sangats money that has opened it in the first place , they ask for sponsors on the air ( is this wrong also ?)

3. You get a top ragi performing shabads at gurudawaras , do they perform for free ( i don't think so) then they move from one temple to another. ( is this wrong also)

Where do we draw the line ?

4. Personally I believe if you can get something good from a person then take it in otherwise , disgard it.

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Dear DSM,collecting money may be another thing may be for any reason or his job, preaching is too good. May be no objection on collecting, taking money to maximum extent. But the main point, which every body is ignoring here is that each & every sikh is taught to bow only before our Hon'ble Guruji Shiri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, as ordered by Tenth Guruji. In the preaching, this Baba also advises to do so and not to bow before any person.

The main controversial & violation seems in the video & as otherwise heard & learnt from somany places (where Baba went) that he allows & promotes Sikh Sangat including Amritdhari Singhs, Singhnis, children, elders etc.etc. to bow before him (matha taik ) & offer money and other valuables, as we offer before our Guruji. Is it right or required to be taken notice thereof by Sikh Sangat ?

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its the sangats fault if theyre told not to matha tek and they keep doing it.

he cant force them to stop, matha tek and giving him gifts - people have a right to decide for themselves.

like i said - if his kamai is not rooted in Gurbani it will hurt him when people matha tek.

so far everything you have said shows that the sangat is doing the wrong thing even though Ranjit Singh tells them not to - it is the sangat at fault not Ranjit Singh.

again - how can you blame him for people not listening to what he teaches?

The Guru does not do vaidrogi with anyone - when people started claimin the Guruship after Guru Harkrishan Sahib Ji left their sareer, Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji went to live in a basement. The truth is immortal and doesnt have to prove itself to anyone.

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Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

interesting topic veerji but I think the reason some people are against this thread is because we are being asked to judge this person. I think what you wanted was a debate and not just to raise awareness, I may be wrong.

If you wanted to 'discuss' this then that comes down to dissing this person and I don't think Sikhs are supposed to diss others for the sake of it, especially if we are not even sure of what is right or wrong ourselves.

Its all about our understanding and interpretation of sikhi.

Now, it is not a kalgi he is wearing in the video. Its a double khanda or something but not a kalgi so lets go onto the next thing.

Its strange that his seat looks like a high seat to you. Some of us would agrue that it is a seat, why add the mirch masala versian to the real facts. If it was to raise awareness that you posted then we would have straight facts here and not the extras and lies cos it was a chair, a chair, how high is a normal chair?

Its his birthday, so he had a picture of himself, I know it may look dodgy and maybe it is wrong as it can create a sense of pride etc but I'm guessing the pictures are put up by sewadars? I dont think he supervises the ppl as they hammer nail into wall.

I thinkn you need to watch the video very carefully and take a body language understanding course, he actually does in part of the film look very uncomfortable when the sangat teks mattha.

He is happy to see the sangat but doesnt look so excited in the matha tek stage.

The reason he doesnt show any real interest to those who tek matha is because I think he was uncomfortable with the whole idea and perhaps knowing he is not God he didnt need to show any of that type of interest hunna? I mean what interest should he show other than what he did? should he promise them that they will get what they asked for or maybe start a one to one with every sangat member?

Dhaarna has been sung by some sikhs who are above you and me in their sikhi and pyar, I mean proper religioous ppl singh dharnaas, ppl who are highly respected by sikhs around the world. Dharnaas can be words sung by a human out of love for Guru Ji in his own words. I dont see anything wrong with singing so that everyone understands what is being said?

Please dont use that ''isnt Gubani good enough'' argument here, good enough for what? To get mukti? to get close to God? well dharnaas are used for ppl at the start and as they understand Gurbani then they can sing proper but till then dharnaas can be very helpful so please :wink:

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

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chinderpalsing , there are always 2 side to the story , I agree 100% with what you are saying , if a person says bow down to me then that is wrong and should be dealt with accordingly , especially in the presence of sri guru granth sahib

Saying that I have seen him and seen DVD's of him preaching , and I have seen him tell people not to bow infront of him , bow infront of sri guru granth sahib ji. Either he is preaching one thing and practising another or there must be an explanation for this .

In india bowing down to elderly people or ustads is a show of respect and not of worship . There will be a minority who bow down to him becuase they think they'' get some sort of spirtual gain from this.

When he came to the UK , there was a huge gathering all the halls were full at the gurudawars. When he vistited each hall , there were some people who bowed down to him after he walked passed them. How can you stop that ? There was also people from the sangat collecting money for there cause , even though he said the biggest maya we can give him is that you take something away from the preaching and act on it accordingly and take amrit .

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[schild=4 fontcolor=000000 shadowcolor=FFA500 shieldshadow=1]You are funny?[/schild]

bhinderwale did stop people, but ranjit ji and bhinderwale where to different people. Bhinderwale did make his own bani up, like ranjit ji. Kachi bani :!: Bhinderwale was trying to show the sikh dharwam on what they already have.

And that image of someone bowing down to ranjit ji (chinderapal singh showed) it also shows ranjit singh ji in his fancy clothes, and sitting on some sort of throne. well, if you look at other baba jis and sants they all where casual clothes and so on.

so please forgive me if i have said anything irelevant here and may guru jee forgive me :oops:



[schild=14 fontcolor=000000 shadowcolor=000000 shieldshadow=1]thankyou[/schild]

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Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

I have to say that there is at least one sant that did wear fancy clothes and was an amazing sant, they werent as fancy as Baba Ranjit Singh Ji's but they were fancy, including fancy jootis, this Baba Ji's pics are on the Baba Isher Singh Ji RaraSahib thread :) .

BUT Baba Ranjit Singh Ji admitted that he was wrong to allow all that to happen and said he wont be wearing real fancy clothes from now on.

About bowing down- he said he thought maybe it was ok because a lot of real Sants allowed it but he admits the mistake as he is not as much 'there' as these sants that he learnt from.

Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

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Sant Mahapursh are ladlaie of Guru Sahiban/Akaal Purkh. They don't need to ask us permission what they should wear or what they shouldn't wear.

Sant Mahapursh are almast fakirs. They couldn't care less what others think of them, they treat king and beggar as one(see- sukhmani sahib), they only care what Akaal Purkh and Guru sahiban thinks about them.

Mahapursh are baiparvah.. I don't think we with our inch of knowledge can judge them with our own standards.

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