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ranjit-singh-dhadrianwale-sikh-preacher-a-fake saint

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Yes stopsingh, certain fakes! *roll eyes*. The key word being certain used by u instead of all. Good.

But while us pro-sants are accepting there are people out there who call themselves sants.

You, along with other anti sant ppl, need to accept and admit that there are ppl out there who are real sants.

and there, no need to lock any thread because everyone including u would have accepted the truth.

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Gurbani guides, "Hoye ikkattar milhu mere bhai. Dubidha door karhu liv laye." Hence, positive discussion in the light of Gurbani, & in true sense, will do better for all of us. Shortly, I,ll post trying to define "saint" in the light of our "Guraan ki Baani".

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LOL - Lock the thread, before people find out what certain members of the Sant Samaj do for fun in the evenings (with women and children).

prove it or else your blank statements will be removed.. accusing sant samaj as whole for molesting children and women is quite a bold accusation,

This thread is *LOCKED* until we get proof from stop singh on his bold accusations towards a) sant ranjit singh B). sant samaj.

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Thread is re-opened after clarification from stop singh:

I suggest you learn how to read. "....what CERTAIN members of the Sant Samaj do for fun...."

Do you not know what CERTAIN means ? Can you not differentiate WHOLE from CERTAIN.

Read the following two statements and see if you understand them :

The WHOLE of the products produced were faulty.

A CERTAIN number of the products were faulty.

I suggest you read up on what Maan Su Pehowe Wale has been accused of in Canada (and why he is scared to go there or to the UK as it has an extradition treaty with Canada).

Read up on Dhanwant Su of Hoshiarpur who raped a minor girl at his dera (he is in jail now for this dirty crime).

There is also "Sant" Shamsher Su Jaghera who was caught raping a woman at his dera and given a sound thrashing.

Also find out why "Sant" Gubachan Su Kahle Kamble Walle was chased out of Malaysia.

"Sant" Amar Su (Nanaksar wale) was convicted of swindling money in a court case in Canada. He also provides employment to a convicted child molester at his place in Delhi.

I have mentioned this again and again but people like you conveniently ignore it. How can rapists, fraudsters, child abusers be members of the Sant Samaj. Sant should be able to see through such people for what they really are. The FACT they allow such people into the Sant Samaj shows that they do not have one of the main abilities of a Sant....that is to recognise other Sant. Our Guru Ji could do this and so could the Bhagats mentioned in Gurbani.

As for what I have written about Ranjit. Go to his dera and see for yourself the sign where he uses the sant title (yet he claims he does not tell anyone to call him a sant). This very lie shows that him for what he is. Buy a few of his DVD and he uses the title sant on them as well.

Remove what you want.

Ban me from the forum if it bothers you so much. There are plenty of other forums out there.

I could not care less. The truth is out there but if you want to close your eyes to it then that is your problem.

Have a nice day.

Stop Singh.

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suman ji, U ve rightfully stated that some true saints are really serving Sikh Panth by spreading Guruji's message correctly by adopting their teachings firstly on their own. We should & must give them maximum respects. But a Sikh will only bow down to One & Only One our most honourable Guruji Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.

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as we are reading in papers etc now-a-days, this threaded F. saint (R.S.Dh) is proving the universal truth to be okay i.e. one has to tell thousands of lies to hide his one lie or sin bcoz he is comparing himself with Most respected & Greatest actual Sant Jarnail Singhji Bhinderaan Wale by quoting that Sant ji were also accepting gifts from Sangat. Nothing is required to be clarified in this regard, as each & every sikh knows about the deeds of Santji and comparison made by RSD is just like showing off-candle to Sun (bujhia deeva to Suraj).

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Regarding reading of Dharnaas by Babas, we should not feel anything wrong in reciting of Dharnaas by them. This practice was started way back at the start of 20th century by Sant Baba Attar Singh Ji. It greatly helped to propagate the message of Gurbani to illiterate villagers and other sikh folk of that time who would have otherwise found great difficulty in understanding Gurbani in ragas etc.

Ranjit singh Dhaddrian wale is a fraud and a fake saint. But his PR machinery and marketing is so refined that people flock in large numbers to attend his 'Samagams'.

In several of his 'Samagams' he has ridiculed some of the sikh communities other than Jatts, and made fun of these communities. Now, is this a trait and qualities of a Sant..

By the grace of Akal Purkh, days of this fraud 'Sant' are numbered.

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when I cut sabji's at night, I take off the outer layer of skin and then chop them up...is that molestation, if so...I am guilty, although I listen to raags over dharana's.......

My point being; our paaji ranjit singh is getting more air time than akal purakh!

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dear veer ji,

i just want to tell something about "dharnaas" from my personal experience. If we can sing "waar" and " kwashiri" in presence of Guru Sahib then what is the problem with "dharnaas". it is not kachi bani.

accoding to gurbani kachi banio is what diverts us from our holy father.

"dharnaas" put us on the path to Oankar.

it is the simplified form of gurbani which is easily understood by the illiterate masses.

it started from the time of his holiness SANT ATAR SINGH JI MASTUAANA.

HE was reciting naam simran at night in MALWA region of punjab. the youth of the village were playing "dhol" for the practice of malwai giddha and bhangra.

sant ji told them to go to some other place so that he can continue with his nitnem. The youth replied" Baba either join us or make us like you, we are not going to leave this place"

Baba ji smiled and said" i cannot be like you but will turn you like me".

he then asked them to bring the dhol and said " instead of obscene rhymes( boliyaan) of malwai gidha start singing " simro simro simar sukh paavo- simro simar simar sukh paavo in the tune of dhol". they liked the idea and this lead to the formation of " dhaarna wala jatha" which attracted many youth of illiterate malwa villages to SIKHISM. this is the reason various jathas use " dharnaas" in malwa region. ffrom rara sahib to faridkot.

now babaji could only have attracted them with something they liked ( songs and boliyyan), he could not have recited the moolmantar to them one the very first day.

now veerji tell me what is wrong with dharnaas if the motive is to get the human being to amritpan and nitnem, simran of bani.

naam japiyee ta door hunde dhukhde,

seva karke maan payeeda

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I agree with veer ji there. If we want someone to stop going clubbing will we try to relate to them somehow and then bring them to this path or will we go straight to them and say here is bani, read bani.

The latter works with Guru Ji's Grace but if we bring them gradually towards this path then it is likely to be much more effective.

We are not saying dharanaas are better but they do help and help is all one needs to enter the sikh path and the rest Guru Ji takes the person's hand taking them further.

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well guru ji puts one test to define what is kachi bani is and what isnt. let us read again the 24th puadi from anand sahib which is quoted very often

Now in the third last line guru ji tells us that

some people although chant the name 'har har ' but they do it mechanically ,

in the next line guru ji further explains that those people whose consciousness is lured by maya do so and do that mechanically .

( here maya will cover all the five vices )

Now no one except guruji knows whats in heart of the people who call themselves sant. It is not for us decide if they are sant or not.

Again lot of times people quote from sukhmani sahib that we should not slander the sants , its true we shouldnt in fact we dont know who is and who isnt. Someone is not using the title sant might be a true sant.

in my view a true sense Sant is nothing but another name for certain qualities.( this could present in a person, a group of persons , certain words etc )

again guru sahib tells us that a person who does not practices what he preaches to others , shall come and go in reincarnation through birth and death. Now if someone wants to do that than there is a price to pay for it we should mind our own business and get on with life.

'har nal pyaar' - when someone tells me that so and so person inspired thousands of people to take amrit it amuses me. Now is having more amritdhari singhs helping the cause of sikhi. ( do numbers really mean anything).

Now if an amritdhari singh/singhni practices cast system will you call him/her a true amritdhari sikh.

Now baptism in sikhism is not initiation into sikhi , you dont give a kirpan to someone who is still learning what sikhi is. Aurangzeb also had a sword but what use did he put it to ?

There are so many muslims ( if we go by counting people) now they as everyone else consider themselves as superior to other but has the world become a better place to live in with so many muslims around.

If there are so many amritdhari gursikhs in UK or this world than shouldnt the world be a better place to live in, either there arent that many gursikhs or what guru sahib said about gursikhs isnt true.

Since when did guru sahib's amrit start coming so cheap.

What do i want to say :

1) Let us not decide who is and who isnt a sant

2) Let us not play the number game as played by muslim and christian missionaries.

3) Let us not idol worship the people who call themselves Sant take the inspiration from the qualities that they might have.

waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh

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Gursj that's a great post but I think you have misunderstood what I said.

Do numbers matter? NO!

Does it matter that a certain person has inspired people to pray?YES!

The point is numbers don't matter but inspiring someone does. One needs certain qualities and certain desire to be able to do that.

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well I didnt misunderstand but my views might based on certain posts both on this and other message boards which have a flavour of idol worship.

I am talking about people who came out in defense of the birthday celebration video. To me that had a flavour of idol worship.

To be honest when i used to learn kirtan , i used to touch feets of my teacher but in that video it looked different. personaly that video definately had a negative vibe.

Certainly not good enough to pass an judgement on someone but i thnk there is no harm in being a bit careful.

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the definition of sant is

jin saas giraas na visray Har nama man mant

dhan se seiy Nanaka pooran seiy sant.

In the past, if I recall correctly, sants usually emerge as they are recognised in their seva by other sants, that is, the ones that are not gupt.

E.G. Sant Isher Singh Ji Rara Sahib was tested by Baba Nand Singh Ji Kaleranwale.

Im not sure where 'sant' Ranjit Singh got his title from, possibly the sangat, but IMO he is not a sant.

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vijaydeep singh ji that's a wrong info, baba ranjit singh was a student of baba karam singh ji rara sahib who was a student of sant isher singh ji rara sahib wale.

That makes them indirectly from rara sahib lineage.

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Gur Fateh to all.

Recently, in India, I have attended two diwaans of Ranjit Singh Dhadrian Wale alongwith many other Gursikhs. We found that around the area, where various stalls were provided, 98% of stalls (about 50 to 60) were selling the framed photos of RS Dhadrian and T-Series cassettes/CDs prepared by the Baba. No where other Gurmat related literature was available for purchase/sale except 3-4 stalls having Kakkars. We also saw that all of the photos (framed) were having Baba sitting or standing in various styles specially motivated for selling them. One of the photograph seemed very similar to a portrait / painting of Sahibe Kamaal Shri Guru Gobind Singh Ji as Dushat Daman Tapavsi. I shall not give any personal comments upon it.

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