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Dead Man Back...and Alive!

Mehtab Singh

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I saw it on the news yesterday. In a village in UP (northern India) a man came back to life after being dead for 3 hours. On October 2, this man called Gajraaj passed away at 4.30 AM. 5 jamdoots took him to Jamlok where he stayed for 3 hours. After 3 hours it was found out that it was Gajraaj's chacha's time and not his, and so he was sent back. He came back to life at 7.30 AM, just before he was going to be cremated. He told everyone about his chacha, and 3 hours later at 10.30 AM, his chacha, who was fully fit and healthy, and was going to work, passed away. No one knows how he died, he just died.

Gajraaj described the jamdoots as bearded and wearing black clothes. He met Jamraaj as well. The place was stunningly beautiful and there was light all around, although he didn't know the source of this light.

I saw his interview on TV, first recorded and then live. The fear this man had in his eyes made it certain that all he was saying was 100% true. He is only 35, but his ill-health makes him look over 50.

What cracked me up was when Gajraaj described how Jamraaj scolded the Jamdoots "iss ulloo ke pathhay ko kahaan se uthaa laaye?" "where the hell did u get this idiot from?"...and he said this on national TV!

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indian news isnt to conclusive, a few days ago alphat etc news showed amita bachan cutting cake on his birthday, the next day zee tv news announced amita bachan didnt cut a cake as he was upset about the earthquakes that happened.

Amitabh Bachan himself did not celebrate his birthday. His fans arranged many parties. As he is a popular person in India, he cannot ignore sentiments of his fans, so he cut cake on a few occasions. Even his family arranged only a small party for his birthday. I hope you have seen how people love and many even worship him.

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