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In Uri, children bury each other’s parents


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source: http://www.hindustantimes.com/news/181_1519272,0008.htm

On Wednesday, eight-year-old Tanveer Ahmed found his schoolmate Syed Mohin crying outside his demolished house in Goalta village. Syed’s parents were missing — and assumed dead.

Later in the day, a group of villagers from Uroosa came to Goalta to help extricate bodies from the debris. Syed was able to find the bodies of his father and mother in the rubble. (His sister is still missing; he doesn’t know if she is dead or alive.)

On Thursday, Syed and Tanveer decided that Syed’s parents’ bodies had to be buried, so the two schoolmates dug graves and performed the last rites (the villagers put in an appearance halfway through the ritual).

For Tanveer, there was a sense of déjà vu; two days ago, he, too, had dug the grave of his parents and sister. And by evening, he was helping others in Uroosa dig graves and bury their dead.

“Tanveer lost his entire family,” says Qasim, a villager. “There’s something strange about him: he didn’t cry and is going around asking people if they need help.”

There are at least 15 children like Tanveer and Syed in Goalta, Uroosa and neighbouring villages who are under 10 and have lost both their parents. “Look, that’s Imraan — his sister also died with his parents,” Syed pointed out. The graves for Imraan’s family were also dug by Tanveer and Imraan on Tuesday.

Reality will probably take time to sink in. For now, the children are talking of the time when the road will reopen — and school too. “Someone said that won’t happen before 2007,” said Syed. “How I wish that’s true. I hate school.”

Sitting in Uroosa near the air-force helipad, watching Cheetah helicopters land and take off, the innocent minds are full of simple questions: “Which is bigger, an aeroplane or a helicopter? When the earth shakes, do they fall down?”

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amazing news.

You wanna have darshan of Vahigurooo premio??

This is it .. have darshan of vahiguroo in them.. without kirpa of vahiguroo this is impossible...he himself cause earth quakes then he himself resides in young rescue workers doing such a great seva... !

May i wash their feets with my tears when i see them...they are living example of messiah... darshan karlo premioo.. darshan karlo :D

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