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Gods Will??

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Jus wondering.....I read about shree Guru Nanaks life story

@ one point shree Guru Nanak had forseen Babar's arrival in India, which would cause alot of deaths and eventually lead to the enslavement of many..... and this actually happened afterwards, however, since the Guru was amongst the slaves, all the slaves were let free( Im missing a lot of details) ..and Babar allowed all of the slaves to leave with Baba Nanak and of those who stayed back, all were killed....the Guru knew of all this was going to happen and it did happen for good reason, and when Mardana found out bout the ppl that stayed back ( they all were killed)...he inquired about this, and Baba Nanak told em that it was godz will......I do not question any of this

HOwever, Coming to shree Guru Teg Bahadurs time, when the Hinduz came to the 9th guru for help, the guru intervened and helped out

My question is that, When the Moghuls were converting hinduz and had the intent of finishing off the hindu religion.....wasnt this godz will that, these ppl be set free of superstition???

Im not against any of the guruz or any religon ....this question is posed cause, i read a little history bout the HOLY TRIANGLE....that b4 Mohammed had come onto this earth many ppl in the Middle east were praying to "things"...like Water, Shrubs, Stones, ...and Mohammed had set out to tell ppl that there is only one god and not to pray to artifacts..and stuff and same goes with Shree Guru Nanak who said that God is beyond material thingz...and material thingz (stones n such) are just that

I personally believe it was god's will that the guru intervene and save that religon because that is what happened...however, this questionis just there and if someone understands what i wrote pls do give some insight into this....Im not against anyting

Bul Chuk Maff

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and i would say that at the time in india, your average hindu was much likely to get salvation than your average muslim!

gurbani seems to disagree with u there:

hi(n)dhoo a(n)nuaa thurukoo kaanaa ||

The Hindu is sightless; the Muslim has only one eye.

dhuhaa(n) thae giaanee siaanaa ||

The spiritual teacher is wiser than both of them.

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