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evolution and sikhi

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what's wrong with the evolutionary theory?

are we Christians that we need to have war between religion and science?

religion itself is a sign of evolution, as man moved away from his savage beginnings to higher levels of existence...(have a look at Sirdar Kapur Singh's Parasaraprasna for one possible view on this).

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how does it challenge that notion? everything is under the "HUKAM" of Akaal, if evolution is what happened, what is there to suggest that this is not the hukam?

my point is, that these types of debates are typical of the Judeo-Christian mindset, they do not do resolve any point and only cause an unnecessary rift between science and religion, something that has never been the case in the East.

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do u not think dat the theory of evolution challenges the whole idea that akal puakh created everything

of course akaal purukh created everything... he created the big bang... or wa ever theory u wanna beleive.... he all the micro organism that we have been created from..... it jus means that we wernt popped on this earth.... like a big piece o crap... we evolved to be wa we are.... self confused.....people.... oh n 'sikhs' - wa ever they are? :roll:

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