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Tears in my Eyes

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Dear All,


I question which I am abit shy about asking ....as people would think that I am bragging :oops: ........Sometimes when I listen to Gurbani Keertan, I get tears in my eyes..........I dont feel sad or joyous ...in what we normally feel....

Can anyone please answer this. Also would like to have the views of the learned moderators on this.

Please feel free to cross question me or discuss with ur elders.

I have seen similar posts at a number of places ...by a number of people but the answers havent been satisfactory.

I though I knew the answer (as I felt it) but when I tried to answer by a young sikh gal who had made the posting ...I dont think I was very successfull....

I would be very thankful for your views


H Singh

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Thats a good sign veer...That means gurbani is hittin you and cleansing your mind... Its just great...

I remember there are people in kirtan used to literally cry and do kirtan siminitineously.. nothing to shy about it... those are not tears... those are actually gand in ur mind coming out in tears and cleansing ur mind... akaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal he akaaaaaaaaaaal :D

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Guest kaur1699

Sometimes when I listen to Gurbani Keertan, I get tears in my eyes..........I dont feel sad or joyous ...in what we normally feel....

Fateh Ji,

When someone gets tears due to listening to Paath/Kirtan, its generally known as 'Bairaag', which is a state that the mind/heart goes into, I had this explained to me some time back, and from what I was told, this is when you are (I dont know how to explain this :? ) touched by what is going on, you are feeling it inside...

For example, some people when they are listening to kirtan, tears start to roll from their eyes, this is becuase the kirtan has touched them in some way...

I have not explained that too well but I hope it helps...

Fateh Ji

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that happened to me once- i was at the gurudwara and this ragi was playing- you might know him as Rangila- and i just kept singing and there was this sweet smell coming from somewhere and the kirtan was soo peaceful and just touched you inside that my eyes started welling up with tears! i felt so at peace and content!

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It's because your missing someone, and you know that someone is WaheGuru, me and my brother have similar experiences. Another person I know used to have tears when he recited Jap Ji....

One time i was goin to Gurudwara, and was listenin to Jaap Sahib by bibi deepinder kaur .. (btw you should listen to this shabad its really beautiful here's the link) .. and i fell into an ectasy, with overflowing tears..

Satnam Waheguru

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:) I think wat you guys are refering to is called 'Vairag / Bairag'.

Shabad : Mera Munn Loche Guru Darshan tai

One thing i love about our Shabad Kirtan is that every word of the shabad touches your heart. I almost cried on 1st jan 2003 at Harmandir sahib when Shabad kirtan was going on and we were waiting to get inside. Everyone around me was singing and what i felt at that time was simply amazing.

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You know when u cry... your soul is so hungry to be with God - that is all its desire... and when your soul is so strong in the love of God (when u listen and sing open heartledly and let the sounds in) your soul is crying in infinate praise for Them.

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When one cries while listening Gurbani, it is a sign of His grace and also it means that the Amrit of Gurbani has pierced the hardened stone of our mind and filled us with true love for Him.

And when truly loves someone, then only does one feel cry and feel the agony of being away from the beloved.

I have heard mahapurukhs say that,  there is no such perfect cleanser for our soul/mind as crying for our beloved Waheguru. Not even yeras of bandagee is compared to a moment of vichoraa from our Beloved.

Our cries shake Him even, who then comes running to us and embrace us, though we may not see Him with our eyes. 

But it is a fact, that, even our cries for Him, is more a pull from His side, than any merits of ours.

He is ready to give us His wealth of love and mercy, it is only that  we have to be pure in word, in deed and in mind, in order to be receptive to that His "daat".

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