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Eyebrow plucking

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i'm gona rephrase my question as basically it made me seem un aware of the five k's. In todays society it is very hard for sikh women as removal of hair is forbidden in the sikh religion which clashes with the western view of women having bushy eye brows and hair on their legs as disgusting. My friend is Amrit tari n basically she went to a waterpark in spain as part of a school trip. She didnt go in to the water while all her friends did. When she came back and told me i felt sooo sorry for her.

So do you think hair removal is justified in England for a Sikh woman.

I can guess that i'm prbably going to get replies such as sikhism promotes equality and if a man can't cut his beard than why should a woman be allowed to and also that hair removal is against sikhi. But i just want peoples opinions on the matter.

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wjkk wjkf,

listen , u dont think its hard for a sikh boy wearing a dastaar? u dont think ppl dont make fun of him? plz, ive been there. ppl have done that to me.

i would understand if it was a sikh women wearing a dastaar but not this. and even if it was a sikh women waering a dastaar, i would make her wear it (if my daughter).

the question ur asking is simple. if u cant follow the rehit dont call urself a sikh - SIMPLE.

sorry if i was harsh...

waheguru ji ka khalsa, waheguru ji ki fatEH!!!!!

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That is the reason amrit is not for everyone--Its a huge commitment. If you start caring for western soceity than caring for guru gobind singh ji maharaj words then its just not for you.

I am not dissin or anything.

I can bet you there are loads of gursikhs out there right now who are actually regrettin or havin thoughs or feeling bad of their apperance and they resume it as it was a duty. No its not the duty its lot more than that.

Its about surrender urself completely to guru ji simple as that And when you surrender urself completely by taking (enrollin in the spirtual school) there is no way you will feel this little things.

Here this would be understood better.. you graduate from high school you want to go univ takin specific program you enroll in it which you think you are commited too but you really not.. you under-estimate the course/discplines then what happesn next when you enroll after a while you end up droppin the univ...

same rule applies in the spirtual school which is by takin amrit(enrollin in the school)

If western soceity dont like it. So be it. Let em be racist....smile recite vaheguroo vaheguroo and move on.

Two things also are recommended for khalsa which is - ignoring the bad stuff people say about you (That will make you feel bad, angry or even depressed) and ignore the people who make compliments about you (that will create ahankar/ego/pride in you)

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That is the reason amrit is not for everyone--Its a huge commitment. If you start caring for western soceity than caring for guru gobind singh ji maharaj words then its just not for you.

well said bhai sahib


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I think it comes down to what you want your life to be.

You can either believe there is a God, and due to the divinity of the Gurus, and hte evidence of divinity in Guru Granth Sahib, follow Sikhi 100percent. Take it the whole way, take amrit, and do naam jaap 24/7. You will start reaping the benefits of Naam Raas after about 1-2yrs after amrit if you prepare properly. Then you can call yourself a true Sikh. True, you wont get the short term kicks from late nite clubbing, booze, etc, but if you take your Sikhi path seriously then the satisfaction and undescribable joy will be much higher.

Or, you can say screw it, there isnt a God, this is my life and there is nothing else. If your gonna take that route, come on, you might as well go the whole way. Live a bit - try alcohol, drugs, after all life is short! Go to every week to parties and clubs, get with loads of guys/girls, etc. If you truly think that Sikhi will not affect where you go after this life, then honestly you should do that. But after 20-30 years youll be old, and suddenly youll wish that maybe you took a different turn in life. Your life feels probably feels a bit empty now - many modern western people go thru the midlife crisis thing or at least a mild version of it, and youll wish maybe you rethought everything earlier on.

Thats just my opinion, Im just sayin, either take one path, or the other, theres no point going halfway.

What does tick me off is people who do bad stuff (drink, cut hair, couldnt care about paath) but then claim themselves to be Sikh, go to Gurdwara, and proudly talk of their "sikh pride". Whats the point?????

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ur weren't harsh, i respect ur opinion.

Its just that people are more open about dastars in english culture, like my brother wears one as does my dad any people who are english respect them for that. However for girls there is alot more question asking as its not well known that girls too arent allowed to remove hair. Also the reason why i was unsure was coz i know girls who have taken amrit and still do remove hair from their eye brows!

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Hey Panjee - i know how you feel !! Sometimes it seems that people are more accepting of men that have dastaars, and yeah I agree with you, but it's also hard for men (or women) to wear dastaars, since it's not the norm. But hair is an entirely different issue. It can be REALLY difficult to keep your hair when all the girls around you don't - especially when society preaches being hairless. All I can say Panjee is that it's TOUGH - but it's sooo possible.. With Guru's Kirpa - anything - is possible.

You just have to realize that all these people who judge you and say that hair is ugly or disgusting, don't UNDERSTAND - panjee they aren't at the same spiritual level as you are. They haven't been enlightened yet, they haven't been blessed with the knowledge of reality.. If YOU have - then you shouldn't ignore that Light just so that you can fit in with this ignorant world. IF YOU THINK ABOUT IT - removing your hair REALLY does not make sense. For a man or a woman, it's just so stupid and pointless, if hair were meant to be removed, girl, why would it be there in the first place.. And wy would it grow back to a certain length and stay that way til you remove it again? It's just not right panjee.

For me, keepin my eyebrows was really tough. I used to be one of those girls who always had all her hair removed, all my makeup would perfectly match my clothes and my shoes and purse and skirt would all be perfectly matching - me and my friends were so pathetic all we cared about was how perfect we looked...We were so shallow - in class we'd be sitting there asking each other how our hair looked. & we'd judge other people based on their looks as well. It was so pathetic - I always had to have my eyebrows done, my skin perfect, my lips, eyes, cheeks - everything was like I was gonna be in some beauty magazine or something.. :roll: Even when I began getting into Sikhi, I cut down on most of that, but only a few months ago did I start keeping my eyebrows and believe me, it was HARD panjee. My mom would yell at me, even my cousins were swearing at me, as if my body belonged to them, not me... :? & everyone made it seem that hair is ugly, and that I should "at least pluck some of it off" - but then guru jee came ... and he took away all the tears and anger and pain.. :cry: and he helped me realize that we're only guests in this world anyway - we should live according to Guru Jee's Hukam - because that's honestly the only thing that brings or has brought me REAL, GENUINE, UNBREAKABLE comfort, happiness, and peace..

when you have to worry about removing your hair and all that, at the end of the day, you have all this stress because you feel that you have to be perfect and you have to impress everyone...

but once you leave that stuff behind and recognize the strength that Guru Jee can give you, you come home at night and say HEY - AT LEAST I STILL HAVE HIM - even if the world is messed up, your friends are disloyal, your family is demanding, your teachers are rude, your life seems horrible, you're boss is always on your back, your siblings always fight with you - WHATEVER - no matter WHAT - you're still able to say vaheguru.. at least i have Him in my life.. and that takes away all the other pain and makes everything complete again..

AND ALSO PANJEE - it doesn't matter what other girls do. We come on this Earth to be unique and be different - why should we follow the examples of other negative girls? Shouldn't we be role models and lead other girls who are confused - helping them be strong too? The world is messed up but girl, don't follow the world, follow Sikhi, and nothing else will matter anymore..

Man I'd still go swimming or do whatever - I was just wearing shorts the other day and I have hair on my legs man.. DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR THE SINGHNEE WHO STAYED OUT OF THE WATER CAUSE OF HER HAIR - I think she SHOULD HAVE still participated - most Singhnees still would, and should... But you shouldn't feel sorry for her if she's Amritdharee man!!! Don't feel sorrow for the girls that are following Guru Gobind Singh Jee's Hukam - they are free!!! You should feel sorry for the girls who have to remove their hair in order to satisfy society. Now that is sad, panjee.

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wwwwwwoooooooooooooooooowwwwwwwwwww... gwan jiiii.....! Im biggin u up man. Well said sis.

Sum1 very wise sed to me u can either be the Princess at the throne under Guru JIs feet... or follow ur frineds like sheep...!


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