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Swiss Army Knives "Khalsa Series"


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Check these out. Im not sick but even I wouldnt mind getting these! They named their series of knives "Fauja", "Chamkaur", "Jodh", "Fateh", "Taran", "Dalbir" and "Veer"


They also sell Kirpans which are awesome looking yet affordable




Here is a link to their site: http://www.victorinoxindia.com/Index.htm

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I've seen the Swiss army ones up close..

The blades themselves are beautiful except for the printing on them.. it seemd abit superfalousi dunno, im a minimalist when it comes to these things, i dont realy see the point..

But the real let down was the handle.. plastic made to look like wood, and plastic for the metallic/gold bits as well.

I think its abit of a shame, its like they arent as great as they could have been.

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There a complete ripoff of a bowie knife...but a cheaper version.

if your thinking of buying knifes like that, i would recommend a gutting or bear knife. very practical, safe to use, keep, maintain, et al.

dont just buy it cause it looks good. Try to learn how to use, other wise whats the point of wearing it, other than for a ritualistic purpose.

( peeps should consider learning shastervidya, pak serak, or sayoc for practical close quarter and projectile training....it always comes in handy when you go fishing, or when your gutting a rabbit, chicken or lamb... :twisted: .)

just my two sense...

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