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What Canadians Really Think of Sikhs


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Author: !

Date: 10-28-05 11:05

In response to the Kirpan, here's what the Canadian public has to say. What a Multicultural and accepting place! The fact that Balpreet Singh is born and raised in Canada makes no difference and newspapers like the Ottawa Citizen allow comments like this to appear:

Name: Citizen A

Email: ashamed to be Canadian

Occupation: Accountant

Location: Canada (World's dumping ground)

For God's sake. When are we going to put an end to this and start putting these people in their place? If we went to there country, we would have to follow the rules and customs of their nation, so why is it that when they come here they are not expect to give us the same common curtise? They don't like it here than leave. In this country, accurding to our laws and custums, carring a wepon is a crime and something that is considered intollerable. Yes there are Canadain custums and traditions, but we know little about them, because we allow immagrents and refugees to come here and do as they please. When in Rome do as the Romans do. Every other nation protects their customs, traditions and laws exept Canada. If Shikes are allowed to carry weapons, then I should be allowed to carry a weapon as well. As matter of fact we should be allowed or not allowed to carry weapons. One nation = one set of laws. If I got into fight with one of them, I would use a weapon, because they have one, period

Name: Jon Citizen

Email: n/a

Occupation: Observer

Location: North America

If you move to a different country that is mostly Judeo-Christian and you come from the Middle East or India you must accept that our culture and beliefs do not support transporting a sabre or sword on our person (i.e. body). While Canada has been spared terrorist activities (so far) most travelers on a train or plane live in places where terrorism is a constant threat. I am always amazed that the first thing that many of these people from radically different cultures from ours learn is how to scream discrimination and how to file a lawsuit.

Name: Modeno

Occupation: Retired

Location: St-Laurent

Why oh why does it have to be us Canadians who have to kneel when faced with some kind religion? Now as far as I know, Via rail is Canadian, so why should they try to do something regarding someone getting on the train with a dagger strung around the belt? My God! when are we going to wake up and put our pants on and tell these people that if they want to live in Canada, they will have to abide by the laws of the land. Religion was invented by men, so don't tell me that God Almighty told them to wear a dagger at all time! I really wonder what would happen if we tried to do the same things in their country? We would most probably get shot on the spot!

Name: Sean P. Hogan

Occupation: public servant

Location: Ottawa

Just another example of how the immigrants in this country are trying to shove their beliefs down our throats. If you have to wear a dagger as part of your religion, it doesn't say much for the religion. At the same time, they don't care about the safety of passengers, just themselves, so selfish and so uncaring.

Name: Andy

Occupation: tech

Location: montreal

When are these people going to learn that we have laws in this country that they have to abide by if they wish to live here.

We do not allow citizens to carry weapons, religious or not, end of story.

Whether or not you worship God, Allah, Vishnu or Casper the Friendly Ghost, you will have to do it without a knife, M16 or ground to air missile launcher. If you cannot abide by these rules, there are plenty of medieval middle east countries who can accomodate you.

For more enlightened comments go to: http://www.canada.com/ottawa/ottawacitizen...21-b35a9a21aa50

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