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What's the difference between a Rhamgharia & Jatt?

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Jatt= farmer caste

Ramgariya is not a caste but Tarkhan is a caste, ppl use "Ramgariya" because Jassa Singh "Ramgariya" established his misl and he was from the same "Tarkhan" caste.

Tarkhan= Carpenter

It goes like this, if you work in your garden, then you are jatt, and if you work with wood, then you are carpenter/tarkhan. Caste system was nothing but categories made on the bases of work/professions.

As per Sikhism there is no caste/race or cult. Caste System was started in Hinduism by ancient Priests by using "manu smirti". So, if you see anyone calling him jatt-sikh also Tarkhan-sikh that is un-sikh and most of the youth knows it, and it will go away soon because youth don't care about it.

It's not easy to anwser because Sikhism strongly denies caste system but people under the influence modified punjabi culture still use it.

I would request you to go through the below link and understand what it is and then come back, if you have any further question.


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Guest kiran

youth completely denies caste system.....but still caste system is prevalent in india and mostly among sikh religion. Our gurus said.....sikh di koi jaat nahi, jis di jaat hai oh sikh nahi.....on one side we said that we all follow guru granth sahib but on other side we believe in such stupid beliefs.  

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Guest Jatt Sikh

Because Jatt is not a caste? The caste system is a Hindu concept like the others above said and people fit into Brahmin, Kshatriya, Vaishya etc.. Jatts are a group of people who migrated into Sindh and were treated as Vaishyas by the ruling Hindu elite. Over time, they managed to maintain a distinct sense of identity and culture despite major persecution by invading Arabs, Rajputs and Hindu elite. They were traditionally herders and became farmers eventually. At the time of Guru Gobind Singh, they joined the Khalsa in large numbers.

Being a Jatt is not at odds with Sikhism because they are not superior to anybody inherently. Claiming that Jatts are superior is stupid and is like saying Italians are superior to French. At the same time, it is not at odds with Sikhism to claim you are a Jatt just like it is not at odds to say you are an Italian Sikh. Discriminating against other people and claiming superiority however is wrong.

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